Chris HolmesAbout Dr. Christine Holmes

Dr. Christine Holmes is the quintessential educator. Having been associated with Anna Maria College since 1999, Dr. Holmes has infused the College’s education programs with rigor and excellence, helping to produce professional teachers and educators who have been recognized in their fields. Respected by her colleagues both on and off campus, Dr. Holmes was promoted to full professorship in 2011.

A graduate of Fitchburg State College, Dr. Holmes received her M.S. from Wheelock College in Boston, Massachusetts, and earned her Ed.D. from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. With the introduction of the academic school structure at AMC in 2012, Dr. Holmes was asked to serve as Dean of the School of Education, as well as Dean of the School of Justice and Social Sciences. She has also continued in her role as Director of the Education Programs and Teacher Preparation.

In addition to her work as Dean, her ongoing research focuses on college teacher beliefs and conceptions about teaching and learning, pre-service teacher preparation, in-service and mentor teacher training, affective learning, and ways of teaching and learning both face to face and online. She is cofounder of the Center for Teaching Excellence and serves as its Director, as well as a faculty mentor. In this capacity, her work focuses on faculty development and developmental supervision.

At the end of the 2011–2012 academic year, Dr. Holmes was awarded the AMC Excellence Award, which recognizes an administrator, staff member, or faculty member who demonstrates more than a desire to be excellent by showing evidence of excellence in his or her daily work and serving as a model of excellence throughout the year. Dr. Holmes was acknowledged for her commitment to excellence in all facets of her day-to-day responsibilities, her ability to do whatever it takes to provide the best service to students, and for serving as a role model for the highest quality standards, collegiality, and support of the College’s goals and values. She is a passionate advocate for her beliefs and values and a leader who is willing to take on new responsibilities when needed.