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Eric M. Boll ‘14

Student Government Association, President
Major: Business Administration and Legal Studies
Hometown: Millbury, MA

Thoughts on Leadership

Leadership has as many definitions as the individuals who define it. Everyone develops their own image of a leader from early on in life. Through the years, this image may change based on life lessons and personal experiences.

To me, leaders must be willing to listen and learn. They must hear what their constituents have to say and be able to put aside their own priorities for those of greater concern. To effectively lead, one must also be able to take the criticism and learn from it to move forward.  

To learn as a leader means to look to the past and realize what has worked and what needs to change. As the late John F. Kennedy was reported to have written, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”  Leadership is also about taking what you learned and applying it to better the future. Another important characteristic of leadership is inspiration. A leader should not only do good for his/her people, but s/he needs to inspire others to do the same.  

Anna Maria College helps to foster leadership in numerous ways. With many leadership opportunities on campus students can gain valuable, hands-on experience. Whether it’s on a class board or as part of a Student Government Association club, there are over 130 executive board positions available each year. There is the opportunity to create clubs as well. Anna Maria College has also added a new leadership minor. In the classroom, students can study the tools that have been used by great leaders of the past and present. Through these opportunities, Anna Maria College students have the ability to take on the future with one goal in mind: excellence.