Molly16            Welcome to the Molly Bish Center located at Anna Maria College, Paxton, Massachusetts. The inspiration for the Center arose from the tragic abduction of Molly Bish in 2000, a sixteen year old lifeguard taken from her post at Comins Pond, Warren MA.  After an agonizing three year search for Molly, her remains were eventually recovered in 2003 from a wooded area approximately five miles from her home. From the experience of this heartbreaking journey, Molly’s parents, John and Magi Bish, were determined to prevent other families and communities from enduring this unthinkable heartbreak. Forging a unique collaboration with Anna Maria College and drawing upon the academic expertise of faculty and staff, the Molly Bish Center was established in 2004 with the expressed mission and ambitious goal of “Protecting Children and the Elderly.”

Over the now seven year evolution of the MBC, a comprehensive portfolio of conference trainings, seminars, and workshops have been delivered to a wide audience of business leaders, educational professionals, law enforcement personnel, and diverse health care practitioners. Both on the Paxton, MA campus and throughout the New England region, cutting edge policies, programs, advocacy, and best practices addressing a broad range of health and safety issues are presented to hundreds of career professionals with the linear focus of protecting our most vulnerable populations.

The remarkable achievements and progress of the Center is truly a collaborative effort through a wide array of community partners and funders. Federal and state agencies, law enforcement professionals at every level, social service organizations, educational institutions, and community and faith-based groups all play a vital role in the progress and positive impact of the Molly Bish Center. A critical ingredient to the Center's measure of success is the engagement and active participation of collaborative partners. The Center often serves in the role as facilitator and convener for multiple service providers to integrate and coordinate parallel efforts in order to maximize outcomes.

Under the guidance and leadership of the President of Anna Maria College, Jack P. Calareso, Ph.D., the Molly Bish Center consistently strives to not only deliver premiere programs and scholarly curricula, but advance the vision and widen the scope of programs offered. The MBC and this web site are driven to serve as a centralized community resource and portal of information covering a wide range of health and safety concerns. Your active participation, program recommendations, and conference suggestions are all welcomed as we continue to build a resource center of primary importance.

The preeminent responsibility of society is to ensure the health and safety of our citizens, especially those who require our assistance. Thank you for visiting this site and I encourage you to explore the programs offered and access the educational materials provided. It is an honor to serve as the Director of the Molly Bish Center at Anna Maria College and with your help, we will collectively protect and enhance the quality of life for all in our region.

A special thanks to the entire Bish family (Magi, John, Heather, and John Jr.) for their tireless commitment and compelling dedication to transform their personal tragedy into hope and help for others.