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cteCenter for Teaching Excellence

Welcome to the Center for Teaching Excellence, which provides support to full-time and adjunct faculty members in order to foster excellence in teaching and learning. The Center offers faculty development and training, mentoring, and ongoing professional development. To ensure a high degree of campus-wide collaboration, a steering committee composed of academic, student, and administrative offices advises the Center.

Our mission: Anna Maria College values reflective practices that result in systematic assessment, quality improvement, and openness to growth. The Center for Teaching Excellence serves to foster a culture of collaboration in support of teaching, learning, and scholarly innovation.

Enjoy reviewing the available resources, and let us know how we can help you.

Christine Holmes, Ed.D., Director
Carolyn Allard, Project Coordinator
Janet Gemborys, Administrative Coordinator

Cafè CTE
A relaxed coffee-break gathering gives faculty a chance to connect with one another and discuss shared topics of concern.

Center ENGAGE Shell
The Center maintains a shell on ENGAGE, Anna Maria College's course management system. The shell is open to all full-time and adjunct faculty, and we invite you to browse our resources on such topics as teaching tools, scholarship, and assessment, as well as the Center's Mentor Memos and newsletters. The shell can also be used as a discussion forum or as a repository for comments and feedback.

Support for using Engage is available here, and training sessions are offered through the information technology department. Please contacMichael Miers to schedule an appointment.

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Go to http://engage.annamaria.edu/learn/
Enter your username and password:

For full-time faculty:
username: amcfaculty
password: Paxton123

For adjunct faculty:
username: amcadjunct
password: Paxton123

Because you'll be logging in under these "generic" usernames, please do not forget to sign your name to your posts.

Center Intranet

The Center offers faculty a variety of opportunities and resources to help with their professional development needs:

  • Action research project
  • Faculty development self-assessment
  • Faculty learning community
  • Faculty resources
  • Midterm course assessment
  • Open classroom
  • Peer consulting/mentoring program
  • Professional development grants
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Center LibGuide 
Through the AMC library, the Center maintains a LibGuide featuring Center news, quick links, and professional development resources on the following topics:
  • Academic writing
  • Action research
  • Avoiding plagiarism
  • Copyright law
  • Peer consulting/mentoring
  • Professional development instructional materials
  • Teaching
  • Technology in the classroom
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Center Library
The Center maintains a library of publications, CDs, and DVDs containing titles of interest to professional educators. The collection is housed in the Mondor-Eagen Library, and faculty members are invited to borrow these materials.

Click here for an annotated list of titles

Center Newsletter

The Center's newsletter, The Center Exchange, is published each semester. 
Read Archived Copies Here
Discussion Sessions are hour-long brown-bag lunch sessions initiated by a faculty member or other members of the AMC community.
Faculty Academic Symposium
The Center hosts an annual event to recognize, celebrate, and reward faculty teaching excellence, research, and performance.
Individual Consultation
The Center offers individual consultation on teaching and curriculum vitae preparation, as well as editorial support for papers, book reviews, articles, book chapters, and dissertations.
New Faculty Orientation
The Center provides new faculty with an annual first-year orientation to Anna Maria College and connection with a faculty mentor.
Professional Development
The Center hosts faculty development events each semester for adjunct and full-time faculty and provides support in teaching, research, service, and renewal, promotion, and tenure through its Peer Consultant/Mentor Program. 

Suggestion Boxes are available for faculty input. If you have suggestions or comments for the Center on how to improve or advance our efforts, please drop us a note in our of our mailboxes around campus. Suggestions may be anonymous if you prefer. Please keep our mission in mind when submitting your comments: Fostering collaboration in support of teaching, learning, and scholarly innovation. Mailboxes can be found in the following locations:

The faculty lounge in Trinity  Hall
Foundress 218
The faculty mailroom in Miriam Hall

Workshops with in-house or invited experts are offered as professional development opportunities.

Center for Teaching Excellence
Information Commons
Box 10
Available by Appointment
(508) 849-3289