Apply to the Kodàly Music Institute at Anna Maria College
Certificate Program and Graduate Degree
Application Requirements
The following materials must be submitted by each applicant in order to be considered:
Online Application (filled out completely)
All items listed below are required and included in the online application. You will be prompted to select methods of submission or payment for these items when filling out the online application form:
- Resumé (first time applicants only) 
- Transcripts (first time applicants only)
- Deposit  
KMI welcomes applications for qualified international students.
English Language Proficiency All international applicants (unless exempted) must demonstrate proficiency in the English language. International students may demonstrate proficiency by submitting official test scores from the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). TOEFL - KMI's official minimum score for the TOEFL is 550. The TOEFL score must be dated within two years of the time the application is reviewed.

Gala Concert video clip:
This L'il Light of Mine - Combined KMI adult and VV youth choirs/David Hodgkins, conductor
LODGING available:
Room and Board at the Fay School costs $50 per night inclusive of 3 meals each day
To make reservations, contact Bob Rojee, Director of Auxiliary Programs/
Tel 508.490.8247/ Email:
Apply for the Master's Degree in Education with a Kodály Emphasis
Leading to Massachusetts Professional Teacher Licensure – Music K-12.
A joint degree offered by the Kodály Music Institute and the Graduate Education Department of Anna Maria College

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Master Degree Programs

KMI at Anna Maria College offers a Master's Degree Program jointly with:

Anna Maria College 
Eighteen (18) graduate credits may be applied toward and constitute for half of the Master's Degree in Education with a Kodàly Emphasis.
Please note: This program requires separate applications: AMC Grad Application & KMI Application. Acceptance into one program DOES NOT guarantee acceptance into the other.
FAQ: Frequently asked questions

     1.  When should I apply for the master's degree?

Following, or during, completion of the Kodály Music Institute at Anna Maria College (18 Credits), students may apply to enter the Masters or Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies Program (18 Credits). The course of study will involve courses in both the School of Education and the School of Visual & Performing Arts.

     2.  How many credits comprise this joint degree?

36 graduate credits: 18 Credits from KMI at AMC plus 18 additional credits in: Assessment; Ethical Theory; Educational Theory; Issues in Music Education; Special Topics; and Research/Capstone.

     3.  To whom should I direct my questions about admission to the Graduate School of Education?

For more information about Anna Maria College's graduate programs in Education, including course details and admission requirements, contact Graduate Studies and Continuing Education Admissions: 849-3423.

     4.  Who is the Dean of AMC's Graduate School of Education?

Dr. Christine Holmes, Dean
Director of the School of Education
Phone: 508-849-3418