Certificate for Kodàly Music Teaching from Kodàly Music Institute at Anna Maria College

The Kodály Music Institute at Anna Maria College offers graduate credits in four levels of increasingly complex skill development in musicianship, musicology, conducting, and pedagogy. This course is appropriate for college performance majors, music teachers, solfege instructors, choral conductors, church musicians, curriculum supervisors and arts administrators. Participants who successfully complete 18-20 credits in the three or four level graduate program are awarded the KMI Certificate for Music Teaching, which partially fulfills Massachusetts licensure requirements. Courses are offered both during the summer through Anna Maria College’s Graduate School (Levels I-IV) and during the academic year through Anna Maria College's School of Continuing Education (Levels I and II in alternating years). 

The Kodály Music Institute offers a Certificate for Music Teaching that is nationally endorsed by the Organization of American Kodály Educators (O.A.K.E.) and internationally recognized by the International Society of Kodály Educators (I.K.S.).

Here’s what students have to say about the Certificate of Music Teaching program from Kodàly Music Institute:

"The Division of classes in Solfege, Conducting and Pedagogy and Materials helps reinforce skills in different areas, yet all of it is related."

"It is clear that the faculty works together, which makes it a strong, unified program."

Certificate Program Details
Master Degree Programs
KMI at Anna Maria College offers a Master's Degree Program jointly with:
Anna Maria College
Eighteen (18) graduate credits may be applied toward and constitute for half of the Master's Degree in  Education with a Kodàly Emphasis.

Please note: This program requires separate applications: AMC Grad Application & KMI Application. Acceptance into one program DOES NOT guarantee acceptance into the other.

Career Advancement and Teacher Licensure Renewal
Professional development points (PDPs) are awarded for good attendance, full participation, and successful completion of all coursework, homework and projects: 135 PDPs for each Level I, II, and III; 45 PDPs for Level IV and 22.5 PDPs each for BAKE workshops, Musicology, Boot Camp, or Post Refresher courses.

In 2012-13, the Kodàly Music Institute at Anna Maria College will offer courses at Level I or higher.
Please note: As of 2009, music teachers in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Public Education System are required to earn 150 PDPs every five years in order to renew their music teacher's license. Eighty percent of the 150 PDP's towards recertification need to be in the field of music.

Certificate Course Prerequisites
Pre-requisites for this certificate program are a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Music degree in music and/or music education or proof of equivalency.

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