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Each year, AMC students spend a semester or year abroad pursuing academic and personal interests in every world region. The College sponsors a variety of programs in Europe, Asia and North America, appropriate for students across any major or program.

Students can choose from a wide variety of year long, semester long and/or summer study abroad programs in colleges and universities all over the world.

Some of the advantages to studying abroad include:
  • Learn about another culture
  • Master another language
  • A crash course in independence
  • Meet amazing people
  • A great travel opportunity
  • Resume-building experience

Where to study abroad?
AMC partners with the American Institute of Foreign Studies (AIFS) and the Center for International Studies (CIS). Students at AMC are able to study abroad in the following countries:

Argentina England New Zealand
Australia France Peru (Summer)
Austria Germany (Summer)        Russia
China India Scotland
Costa Rica (Summer)        Ireland South Africa
Czech Republic Italy Spain

Study Abroad Payment Information
Click HERE for options to help pay for the Study Abroad Program.

Application and Forms
For More Information
Please contact Jude Gonsalvez, Ph.D., Assistant Professor and Director of Social Work Programs, at jgonsalvez@annamaria.edu or (508) 849-3335.