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Faculty Spotlight
Dean, School of Fire and Health Sciences

Power Forward In Business

Quantez Franklin or Q for short fell in love with sports when he was eight years old. When he went searching quantez 00087nologoFfor a college he found one where he could blend his life’s passion with a career: Anna Maria College. “When I explored AMC I learned about its sports management program,” shares Quantez. “I couldn’t believe all of the different career opportunities this business program could provide someone who really loves sports.”

A native of Yarmouth, Massachusetts, Quantez comes from a family of sports enthusiasts. His father played for the Louisiana State University football team, his two older brothers played football in their youth and teen years, and his older sister played volleyball. Quantez began playing football when he was eight and added basketball to the mix. “I played both football and basketball during my youth and throughout high school,” he says. “I was a wide receiver and a pretty good ballplayer, but when it came time to narrow down my decision for college, I decided to pursue basketball.”

As the youngest and first of his siblings to attend college, Quantez’s decision became a family affair. “My mother and father wanted me to stay close to home, but AMC was the right choice for me so they learned to accept my decision,” he explains. For Quantez, Anna Maria College had everything he was looking for: an academic program that would keep him close to sports and prepare him for a career, the opportunity to play for a successful Division III basketball team and an institution that would help him keep up with his class work. “I know that I need an education to be successful,” he adds.

With three years under his belt, Quantez remains enthused about both his choice of major and athletic team. “The courses I am taking in the sport management program are helping me to understand the business side of the industry from marketing to finance,” he shares. “They are also strengthening what I am learning on the court about teamwork, which is needed in all facets of life.” He points to the team’s captains from last year, Anthony Click and Javier Bristol, as terrific role models for teamwork. “They really kept us focused and working collaboratively as we played our way through the final championship games.”

As Quantez is beginning his final year with AMC, he is looking beyond college life and thinking about his possible career choices. “For me right now I think the best career path will be to explore coaching and athletic director positions in a high school setting,” he states. “I want to stay close to the game and use the leadership skills I have learned at Anna Maria College to be a role model for high school students and help them be successful. AMC has helped me so much from the coaches to the professors to my team-mates. Soon it will be time for me to give back,” he adds.

And there is no doubt that this very humble power forward basketball player will achieve his dreams.