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Business Administration Major with Management Information Systems (MIS) Option

The Management Information Systems (MIS) option allows students to integrate information systems courses into their business administration major in order to explore technology and its applications to business. Given the technology demands of today’s business world, the MIS option provides students with the opportunity to enhance their professional preparation and to achieve flexibility in career opportunities. In addition to the required MIS courses, students can choose electives from courses in Management Information Systems (Division II), Computer Information Science (Division IV), and Graphic Design (Division V). Opportunities are available for internships in web design, technical support and database management, as well as in many other areas.

CIS 203, 204 Programming Languages I and II or equivalent
CIS 320 Computer Technologies
MIS 362 Advanced Spreadsheets
MIS 363 Advanced Database Applications
MIS 380 Web Design and Research
Students in any major may complete a minor in Management Information Systems by taking the technological literacy requirements of the college core curriculum plus five MIS courses (for a total of six courses) chosen to complement the major course of study.

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