Sport Management Major

The major in Sport Management gives the student a solid foundation in business concepts relating to the field of sport management, as well as the critical thinking skills necessary for making sound business decisions.  Upper level elective courses in a variety of related disciplines are offered to meet the specific educational goals of the student.  Students who wish to balance classroom theory with real-life experience are encouraged to pursue one of the many internship opportunities available in the local area.  The structure of the Sport Management Program fulfills the prerequisites of most MBA programs, including that at Anna Maria College.

In addition to College and general Sport Management requirements, Business Administration majors must complete the following courses:

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Researching the Social World
Applied Statistics and Quantitative Reasoning
Exercise Physiology
Principles of Accounting I
Principles of Accounting II
Sport Marketing
Sport Management
Sport Law
Sport Ethics
Economics of Sport

Three electives from among the following:
Nutrition and Health
Governance in Sport
Coaching Strategies
Philosophy of Sport
Principles of Advertising
Human Resource Management
Facilities Administration
Emergency Medical Technician-Basic and Lab
Psychology of Sport
Sociology of Sport
Learning Outcomes for Sport Management

Students in the Sport Management Major will demonstrate:
1.    Knowledge of the foundations of sport management – leadership and management principles
2.    Ethical reasoning and decision-making relating to sport management
3.    Sport marketing and communication skills
4.    Knowledge of finance, accounting, and economics as they relate to the sport industry
5.    Knowledge of the legal aspects of sport

Minors Offered with the Sport Management Major

NEW Coaching Minor

This minor is designed to engage students in studying the principles and concepts found in many aspects of coaching.  Students are required to take three 3-credit courses and choose three electives within the program to enhance their skills in this discipline.  The required courses cover the foundations and administrative aspects of competitive sport activities.  Supporting this foundation, students will choose three electives encompassing the many theories that allow the student to practice and study such topics as motivation and leadership, and fitness and wellness of the athlete.  Certification and internships that will allow the student to blend classroom theory with practical application are available.

Required Courses:

BUS300 Governance in Sport (3 credits)

An in-depth examination of the rules, regulations, and other institutional considerations of sport management. Prerequisite: BUS 262.

BUS302 Coaching Strategies (3 credits)
Examines various coaching theories and strategies with emphasis on critical thinking and ethical decision-making.

BUS305 Fitness and Wellness for Sports Professionals (3 credits)
A study of the parameters of fitness and dimensions of wellness and how they affect disease risk, life expectancy, and overall well-being. Through lecture and some laboratory fitness assessment, students become familiar with how to implement positive programs to change behavior to improve health and quality of life, prolong life, and achieve total well-being. Students investigate a wellness topic and present their findings to the class.

EMS101 First Aid in Athletics (1 credit)
This course covers the techniques of basic life support and basic first aid providing the knowledge needed for certification.

Students may choose three electives from the following courses:
NOTE: Students may only take one of the Coaching Strategies courses towards the minor.

BUS303 Coaching, Motivation, and Leadership (3 credits)
An interactive environment will be used to explore the effectiveness of various management styles. A focus on motivation and leadership traits in the realm of coaching will be evaluated in addition to an exploration into the array of leadership theories. Students will be challenged to effectively formulate practice plans and demonstrate the execution of the skills needed to be an effective coach, leader and motivator.
BUS331 Public and Community Relations in Sports (3 credits)
Explores the theoretical foundations, as well as the practical knowledge for interacting effectively with the public and communities regarding the sport industry.

BUS420 Fundraising and Budgeting in Sports (3 credits)
Focuses on the development and management of successful fundraising, as well as budgeting techniques.

BUS423 Recruitment and Retention Strategies of Athletes (3 credits)
Investigates various theories and strategies related to the successful recruitment and retention of athletes.

BUS342 Coaching Strategies for Fall Sports (3 credits)
Examines various coaching theories and strategies related to fall sports, with emphasis on critical thinking and ethical decision-making.

BUS343 Coaching Strategies for Winter Sports (3 credits)
Examines various coaching theories and strategies related to winter sports, with emphasis on critical thinking and ethical decision-making.

BUS344 Coaching Strategies for Spring Sports (3 credits)
Examines various coaching theories and strategies related to spring sports, with emphasis on critical thinking and ethical decision-making.
BUS499 Internship (3 credits)
An opportunity for students in their senior year to gain practical first-hand knowledge and experience in the business world. The students will apply the concepts and theories derived from the classroom to real-life situations in the business world.

SOC351 Sociology of Sports (3 credits)
Examines the relationship between sport and the society in which it is embedded.

Minor in Sport Management
Students in any major may minor in Sport Management. Minor requirements include: Sport Marketing, Sport Management, Economics of Sport or Business Administration Elective, Governance in Sport, and two upper-level sport electives.

For more information, please contact:

Lloyd L. Hamm
Dean, School of Business
(508) 849-3291