Legal Studies (Pre-Law) Major

Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies


The major in legal studies examines law as an area of liberal study. It is designed to develop an understanding of law and legal systems; the relationship between legal thought and other disciplines such as philosophy, religion, history, and literature; the significance of law as a social institution; and the impact of law on private life. Study in this concentration also enhances the analytic and critical abilities of students through close reading and analysis of legal texts.


After taking the four required courses, students may self-design the balance of their program. The self-designed major consists of seven upper level courses selected by the student with the assistance of the academic advisor to meet the academic interests and professional goals of the student. These courses might be additional legal studies courses or courses from other disciplines such as political science, public policy, economics, history or philosophy, which serve to enhance the student’s understanding of law.


Along with all other students in the School of Justice and Social Sciences, legal studies majors take courses in Leadership, Researching the Social World, and Applied Statistics and Quantitative Analysis in order to develop skills that will enhance their understanding of the major.

(in addition to the Core Curriculum)

BLP 110 Leadership or SOC 201Introduction to Sociology

CRJ 101 American Justice Systems

JSS 210 Researching the Social World

BLP 250 Applied Statistics and Quantitative Analysis

LST 250 American Legal History

CRJ 210 Constitutional Law

LST 107 Legal Research and Writing

Eight upper-level electives (300 or 400 level) in legal studies or related fields approved by the academic advisor.

Seven upper-level electives in legal studies or related fields

For more information, please contact:

Dianne M. White, J.D., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Legal Studies
(508) 849-3417