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Political Science Major

The major in Political Science examines politics in law, government, international organizations, social movements, and the relations between people, governments, and all levels in-between. Political science is concerned with the exercise of power, the consequences of the exercise of power, and the moral implications. As the study of politics is inherently multicultural and multidisciplinary, you will study diverse political experiences and viewpoints. The political science program will expose you to philosophical thinking, the empirical study of politics, and the search for ‘scientific’ explanation about political behavior. In all, the program seeks to acquaint you with the great issues of politics and alternative ways to analyze those issues, strengthen your critical thinking, research, and communication skills, clarify and reexamine your own political values and beliefs, and prepare you for a career in government, public policy, law, business, teaching, and not-for-profit sector and related fields; and/or graduate study. The political science major offers multiple options of study. It includes four foundation courses to expose you to the major concerns of the discipline, an internship, a senior seminar and five electives from one of two tracks: Political Philosophy or US Politics.

In addition to general College requirements, Political Science majors must complete:
Researching the Social World
Applied Statistics and Quantitative Analysis
Introduction to Political Science
Introduction to International Relations
American Government
Introduction to Comparative Politics
Senior Seminar

Five electives chosen from one of the following tracks: Political Philosophy and Pre-law or US Politics

For more information, please contact:

Ann Marie Mires, Ph.D.
Division Chair and Assistant Professor
(508) 849-3434