Sociology Major

Sociology is often defined as the scientific study of human social life. In its consistent inquiry, the study of sociology considers cultural, social, political, economic and environmental forces as they continually influence our world and individuals within it. Areas of study within this versatile science are vast. They include an array of intriguing topics such as culture, sexuality, crime and deviance, the media, mass communications, inequality, gender, poverty, schooling, race and ethnicity, power, aging, social change, health care, technology, religion, and socialization. This brief list only cracks the surface of the many more areas of human social life that students are capable of exploring, describing, and analyzing while we, as a dynamic society, continue to race through the 21st century.  The Sociology major will be an enriching complement to the existing programs in Criminal Justice, Human Development and Human Services, Social Work and Psychology.

In addition to general requirements, students take the following specific courses:

Introduction to Sociology
Sociology Theory
Social Problems in American Society
Senior Seminar
Senior Research Project
Researching the Social World
Applied Statistics and Quantitative Analysis (counts as QR course)

Six Electives (two from each category – three of which must be 300 or 400 level courses):
Social Inequality
The Family and the Individual
Culture and Institutions

Social Inequality
Diversity in the Workforce
Gender, Crime and Justice
Race and Crime
American Literature

Politics of Poverty
Social Movements
Gender, Sexuality, and Society
Environmental Equity
Racial and Cultural Minorities

The Family and the Individual
Domestic Violence
Education, Culture and Society
The Human Condition in the Era of Biotechnology
Family and Community Relationships
Child Development
Human Life span Development
Psychology of Personality
Social Psychology
Conformity, Deviance & Social Control
Growth and Behavior and the Social Environment I
Growth and Behavior and the Social Environment II
Child Abuse, Family Preservation, and Permanency Planning
Marriage and the Family

Culture and Institutions
Policing in America
Drugs and Society
Organized Crime
Juvenile Justice
Social Issues in Criminal Justice
Law and Society
Impact of Music on Society
Influence of the Internet on Society
Mass Communications
Sociology of Religion
Sociology of Sport

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