English Major

Bachelor of Arts in English

The program in English develops critical reading and writing skills, and prepares students for a wide range of careers or graduate study. English majors also may prepare for licensure as a teacher of English in middle (5-8) or high schools (8-12). Students seeking licensure in Elementary or Early Childhood education may major in English Language Arts.

In addition to the College academic requirements, all English majors must complete four courses at the 200-level, two upper level electives in English and the following:

England and Beyond: Literary Traditions in English
Issues in Literary Theory
The Birth of English: Medieval Literature and Language
The Art and World of William Shakespeare
Around the World: Global Literature and Cultures

Minors in English
Students with majors in a wide range of fields may wish to pursue a minor in English to build their skills in critical reading and writing as well as to pursue an interest in literature. English minor requirements include:

History of Arts and Ideas I & II
England and Beyond: Literary Traditions in English
Two English courses at the 200-level
The Art and World of William Shakespeare
Two additional English courses at the 300-level or above
Learning Outcomes for English Majors

Students successfully completing the Bachelor’s degree in English will be able to:

1.       Identify and explain different general and verse literary forms

2.       Demonstrate familiarity with major authors and their works from different historical periods

3.       Apply and analyze different genre of literature

4.       Evaluate literary elements of different historical periods

5.       Apply literary theories in papers and presentations

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