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Disability Accommodations

Learn how we can accommodate your needs so you can succeed at Anna Maria

Anna Maria College, in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act, accepts students with documented disabilities who can successfully pursue the College’s academic program. Anna Maria recognizes its responsibility to provide individuals with documented disabilities equal access, while maintaining the standards that are essential to the academic program. This policy applies to all Anna Maria College students.

The Director of the Student Success Center, Dennis Vanasse, is Anna Maria College’s academic accommodation coordinator. Dennis Vanasse may be found in Trinity East, first floor, 508-849-3372, .

When a student enrolls at Anna Maria College, they must provide appropriate documentation to the academic accommodation coordinator. Acceptable documentation includes the following: recent psychological assessments (within the last three years), documentation from a doctor regarding a disability, or a high school Individual Education Plan or 504 plan. 

One week prior to the start of each semester, the student must set up an appointment with the academic accommodation coordinator to determine reasonable accommodations. Once the accommodation forms are filled out, the student must bring the form to each faculty member of their course for signature. Once the student and faculty sign the accommodation form, the student returns the form to the accommodation coordinator who will than sign the document. Once all these steps are completed, the accommodations are in effect.

The Director of Health and Counseling Services, Linda Aronson, will review meal and housing plan accommodation documentation. Recommendations will then be presented to Lisa Saverese, the Dean of Student Life. Linda Aronson may be found in the Health Services Center, 508-849-3458, . Dean Saverese may be found in the Bishop Flanagan Campus Center, 508-849- 3312, .