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Executive Leadership

MaryLouRetelle  President
Mary Lou Retelle
(508) 849-3333


Chris Holmes    Vice President for Academic Affairs
Christine L. Holmes, Ed.D.
(508) 849-3359
Breen David web  
Vice President/Chief Operations Officer
David K. Breen
(508) 849-3416
Andrew Klein
Vice President for Student Affairs
Andrew O. Klein
(508) 849-3313
Vice President/Chief Financial Officer
David M. Rosati
(508) 849-3420
SDavenport official   
Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Sharon M. Davenport
(508) 849-3490


Senior Staff

Manny Clavijo   
Director, Campus Ministry
Fr. Manuel Clavijo
(508) 849- 3205
Kay Flick   
Executive Assistant to the President
Kay Flick
(508) 849-3228
Judy Kenary  
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Judith Kenary, Ed.D.
(508) 849-3352
 Michael Miers  
Chief Information Officer
Michael Miers
(508) 849-3326
 Peter Miller  
Dean of Admission and Financial Aid
Peter Miller
(508) 849-3586
 Sr. Rollande Quintal  
Dean of Mission Effectiveness
Sr. Rollande Quintal, SSA
(508) 849-3340