Danielle M. Pilotte

Student Government Association, Secretary
Major: Music Therapy
Hometown: Manchester, NH


Thoughts on Leadership
When I think of a leader I think of the words support, supervisor, communication, role model and responsibility. As a leader these qualities are very important. I have always been someone who likes to be a leader. When in a leadership position, I thrive on the busy work and enjoy working with others. In high school, I was captain of my cheerleading team and I had to be a good example for the rest of the squad.  As a leader, I had to make sure I communicated with the team and was a good role model, supporter and supervisor. I was the person who everyone would go to if they had a problem or question.

I decided to run for the Student Government Secretary position because I wanted to be more involved at Anna Maria. I wanted to be a role model for the College, get to know faculty on a closer level, and be an advocate for the student body. As a part of the SGA Executive Board, the entire student body knows who you are and expects a lot out of you. While that’s a lot of pressure, I want students to have the best college experience they can so I continue to work hard to be the best leader I can be.

At AMC there are many opportunities to be involved as a leader. As a freshman, I was on the Music Therapy Club board and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.  Being in a leadership position also can be a lot of fun. You get to work with different people and have a say in what happens on campus. Leaders are people who are there to help and provide support when needed. As the SGA Secretary and as a leader I encourage the student body to be leaders and create their own future.