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May 14, 2015
Anna Maria College Board of Trustees today announced the selection of Mary Lou Retelle as the College's next president following a year-long search. A dynamic and empathetic leader with in-depth knowledge of Anna Maria, Retelle will serve as the College's 11th president, effective June 1. She is the first woman to serve as president in more than twenty years and the first lay woman to lead the College since its founding in 1946.
"Ms. Retelle, who has served as interim president since July 2014, has the board's unanimous confidence as not only the best prepared candidate for the position, but the one who has lived it, and performed extremely well," said Paul A. DiPierro, chair of the Anna Maria College Board of Trustees, who led the presidential search effort that drew the interest of more than 70 applicants. "As interim president, Ms. Retelle has made marked gains on a variety of critical areas that positively affect the livelihood of Anna Maria College."
"In a short time, Retelle has made fiscal decisions that have led to improved student satisfaction, including a nearly fifty percent increase in new student enrollment, improved financial aid disbursement and enhanced relations with key community stakeholders," said DiPierro. According to DiPierro, under Retelle's leadership, several new undergraduate and graduate programs have been launched, partnerships with other educational institutions have been strengthened and improved marketing communication efforts, including a new college website, have made a significant impact.
Retelle brings to this presidency 25 years of experience as an executive administrator at academic institutions. She has served as an Anna Maria executive since 2011, when she joined the College as executive vice president. Following three years in that role, she was promoted to interim president following the resignation of Dr. Jack P. Calareso. As executive vice president, Retelle had oversight for the college functions related to enrollment, student life and athletic programs.
Prior to her roles at Anna Maria, Retelle served as an enrollment consultant for Suffolk University following a total of 15 years at Merrimack College in North Andover. Positions held at Merrimack include Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Dean of Admission and Financial Aid. She also served as Director of Admission and Enrollment Management at State University of New York, Potsdam from 1991 to 1994. Retelle obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Merrimack College and her Master of Education in Student Personnel Services from Northeastern University.
"I look forward to carrying forward the positive momentum we've attained and working with the Board of Trustees to advance the College in the years ahead," said Retelle, who lives in Worcester. "The campus community has worked diligently to make decisions that have had a direct, positive impact to the quality of the student experience and to the heritage of Anna Maria College."
February 27, 2015

On Wednesday, February 4, the full Board of Trustees met to discuss the progress of the search for a new President of Anna Maria College. On the recommendation of the Search Committee, the Board focused on two of the finalists who had visited the campus at the end of January.

During that meeting, it was agreed that a final, in-depth review of the two should be conducted. Working with the search firm and Board members of the search committee, that review has taken place to the Board’s satisfaction.

We want to thank all of you for your involvement and feedback after the campus interviews. It has been extremely important and underscores our commitment to listening to you – to those whose lives will be most affected by this decision. Your voices matter, and a clearer picture has emerged of the qualities and characteristics of the person who will be our next President and leader of AMC.

The full Board met again on Monday, February 23, and after much discussion, it was agreed that we have yet to find the right candidate. With the input and support of the Board members who were on the Search Committee, and considering the above mentioned feedback from so many of you, the Board has voted to continue the search. The Board decided that no offer would be made to either of the finalists, and asked that the Search Committee be informed and reconvened. Chair Paul DiPierro reconvened the Search Committee on February 26, and the members have enthusiastically committed their energy and time to continue their efforts.

The Committee and the Board will continue to be available to all as we proceed, and will keep you regularly informed of the progress.

-Paul A. DiPierro


January 30, 2015

The candidates have been on campus engaging with the various constituencies over the past two weeks.  The search committee, endeavoring to be inclusive, is anxious to receive feedback on those visits.  Please conclude your assessments and forward them to a member of the Search Committee (as listed on the website) or place in the suggestion box near the mailroom on campus as soon as possible. 
Thank you everyone for your participation in the search.
-Paul A. DiPierro
October 28, 2014
Thank you for your input and participation in the campus visit by R.H. Perry consultants Matthew Kilcoyne and Rusty Martin in September. Through the many conversations with students, alumni, faculty, staff and Town of Paxton officials, a presidential profile has been finalized. 
As you know, the search process timeline will occur in five phases. The completion of the presidential profile represents the end of Phase 1: Needs Assessment & Marketing. We now move into Phase 2: Recruitment Strategy and Candidate Management that includes implementing a general and targeted recruitment strategy, nominations and outreach. During this phase, the Search Committee reviews the top candidates’ background and qualifications.  Nominations and completed applications are due by November 7 at which time the review committee will begin to evaluate the candidates.
If you have any questions, please contact any search committee member, or connect through the website, or email Kay Prentiss at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (508) 849-3228.  I look forward to hearing from you.
-Paul A. DiPierro