Spirit week! by AM(CAB)

Spirit Week is the week of 11/11/13! The class with the most points will win a prize! In order to receive points for your class you MUST stop by the check-in table in the Campus Center each day during lunch hours, with your theme apparel on. There will also be penny wars at the check-in tables all week. Good luck!
Here are the Themes -
Monday, 11/11: Class Color Day
  Class of 2014 Orange
  Class of 2015 Blue
  Class of 2016 Green
  Class of 2017 Yellow
Tuesday, 11/12: Crazy Hat Day
Wednesday, 11/13: Tie-Dye Day
Thursday, 11/14: AMCAT Pride Day
Friday, 11/15: Pajama Day 
Sponsored by AM(CAB)!
Location : Campus Center
Contact : amcab@amcats.edu