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Elgin Community College Partnership

Elign Community College - Anna Maria Partnership

Anna Maria College recently partnered with Elgin Community College (ECC) in Illinois to provide students there with a more convenient and affordable opportunity to earn their bachelor’s degree in fire science.

The pathway provides a bachelor’s degree completion option for ECC graduates of the AAS Fire Science two-year degree program, and provides an additional two-year online baccalaureate completion option in Fire Science and Emergency Medical Systems Administration through Anna Maria College.

Anna Maria College was the first four-year institution in the country to offer courses approved by the Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE) network, which was established by the U.S. Fire Administration to promote higher education in the industry and reduce loss of life and property from fire and other hazards.

It is crucial for individuals in Fire Services to obtain advanced study and training in order to effectively provide protection and deal with emergencies. The mission of Anna Maria College‘s fire science program is to equip students with the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to lead the fire and emergency services profession.

The partnership with Anna Maria College and Elgin Community College was featured in the Worcester Business Journal:

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