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Health and Community Services Program

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Students interested in non-clinical positions in the health field have more opportunities now with Anna Maria College’s Bachelor of Science program in Health and Community Service. Healthcare is constantly evolving with cutting-edge innovations. This also means that the non-clinical aspects of our healthcare system are becoming more and more complex. Graduates of the Health and Community Service program serve as important members of the healthcare community to help individuals and families navigate these challenges. A degree in Health and Community Services can also serve as a stepping stone for students looking to pursue graduate studies in areas such as healthcare, public administration and social service fields.

Students completing the Bachelor of Science in Health and Community Services will be able to:

  • Relate the foundations of scientific knowledge including biological and life sciences to the concepts of health and illness
  • Demonstrate effective navigation and advocacy skills that ensure medical and health needs are met to improve patient clinical outcomes, and access to care
  • Demonstrate effective use of confident communication and sensitivity skills
  • Demonstrate effective teamwork, problem-solving and adaptability skills

Graduates of the Health and Community Service major will have the capacity to work in a variety of professional health care settings such as health plans, primary care, long-term care, adult daycare and specialty agency services. 

Elgin Community College Partnership
DC-TEMS Certificate Program

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