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UPDATE: Lecture presentation at Anna Maria College, Academic Symposium April 17, 2018, 10am. This program is related to the Art in the Park, Worcester at Anna Maria College, sculpture exhibition.

MODULE, Joe Chirchirillo, Elizabeth Keithline, James Kitchen, Michael Yefko, Artist Discussion, moderated by Darrell Matsumoto, Director of Art Programs and Gallery.

Module: a self-contained part or independent unit that can be used to construct a more complex structure. Consider the module as an object and metaphorical building block for complex thought and discussion.

Moderated by Darrell Matsumoto, the artists will present and discuss their art practice.


Art in the Park, Worcester at Anna Maria College

The Department of Art & Design at Anna Maria College announces a new outdoor exhibition: Art in the Park, Worcester at Anna Maria College. The exhibition features four sculptures on display from September 15, 2017 – May 13, 2018. The exhibiting artists hail from Vermont, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Their works are viewed in the following order when entering the Paxton, MA campus: Joe Chirchirillo, Spinning Wheel; James Kitchen, Stumbling Blocks; Elizabeth Keithline, Two Boats, One for You, One for Me; and Michael Yefko, Suburban Slip No. 3.

This collaborative effort between Art in the Park of Worcester and Anna Maria College introduces public art to the college campus. A spacious venue known for its natural beauty, the display becomes a highlight of the visual landscape. This biennial exhibit proposes to explore the diverse use materials and duplication of forms that build the individual work. Each sculpture has distinctive characteristics that lend to the seasonal calendar of Central Massachusetts: on snowy surfaces, in rusty fall colors, and throughout verdant spring, morning mist and lively sunshine mark the intervals and testament of their quotidian presence.

The Worcester Cultural Council, under the direction and leadership of Gloria Hall, began Art in the Park in 2008. Ms. Hall, currently the Executive Director of Art in the Park, with the Department of Visual Arts at Anna Maria College, initiated this partnership to provide the campus and community with occasions to interact more intimately with the work, enriching daily life and deepening the beholders’ relationship to the art and surrounding space.

The public, students, and staff are invited to explore and enjoy these sculptures throughout the academic year. Join Anna Maria College as various programs, and sculpture walks celebrate this new partnership. Materials and information about the sculptures are available by visiting the Office of Admissions or the Art Center in Miriam Hall.


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