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Sexual Assault Awareness Month


Nationwide, the month of April is dedicated to raising awareness around sexual assault and the social injustice that surrounds it. At Anna Maria College, we view the issue so important that we created a certificate track within the Master of Science in Criminal Justice program focused on Sexual Violence and Trauma.

The coursework covers a variety of topics including species of criminality such as public order crimes, group violence, sexually-motivated crimes, criminal subcultures and “rape culture,” re-victimization, institutional victimization, human trafficking, pornography, sexual abuse against children, role of sexual violence in terrorism/war, the lives of immigrants and refugee, the mentally ill and intellectually disabled/challenged, and other protected class, minority, and disenfranchised members of society. This certificate combines courses and theories from other tracks within the Master’s program including criminal justice, victim studies, and psychology.

Tonisha Pinckney, director of the Master of Science in Criminal Justice program, says that graduates of the program go into careers as therapists, clinicians, police officers, victim advocates, court appointed advocates, legal professionals, rehabilitation facilities, nurses and more. “Collaborations and partnerships have allowed the programs to provide education and leadership beyond the traditional classroom walls,” said Pinckney. Following the school’s mission statement, Anna Maria College educates criminal justice professionals who are committed to professionalism and excellence and are aware of their responsibility to the community.  

Career Path: Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Career Path: Health & Community Service

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