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Business Administration

Bachelor of Science

A degree from the Anna Maria College’s School of Business develops students’ leadership skills and trains them to approach obstacles with proven methods and innovative solutions.  Our business degree programs include courses in accounting, finance, economics, management, marketing, business analysis, and computer applications. We also encourage the study of organizational behavior, ethics, change management, social interaction, and business-based research. Students who wish to balance classroom theory with real-life experience are encouraged to pursue one of the many internship opportunities available in the local area.  This, coupled with the strong liberal arts core of Anna Maria College, ensures our graduates are well-rounded candidates as they enter the marketplace.


Students in the Business Administration Major will demonstrate:

  • Knowledge of the functional areas of business – accounting, finance, management, and marketing
  • Knowledge of the economy and its impact on the operations of a business
  • Skills in decision-making given legal and global influences
  • Ethical reasoning and decision-making relating to the business environment
  • Integrative experience demonstrating the ability to synthesize and apply knowledge and skills. 


Upon successful completion of the program students will have leadership skills so that they approach obstacles with proven methods and innovative solutions. A business degree will involve working with numbers and statistical analysis, so students will demonstrate quantitative reasoning skills. Students will also have the ability to understand organizational structures, taking into consideration the goals of the group, considering the raw materials or rough data, and developing plans to move projects forward. Students will have the ability to communicate concise written and verbal information, excel at team work, and work well under sometimes sustained pressure and deadlines. Students will have an understanding of the key functional areas in business.


For students continuing their studies, graduate Business Administration (MBA) programs are available.