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Office of Multicultural Affairs

The Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) was created to provide leadership as we foster a community in which everyone is welcomed and respected. Here at Anna Maria College, we expect that our students will engage in discussions both in and out of the classroom about the differences among people and will develop a healthy respect for a great variety of cultural heritages. It is through these exchanges of experiences and views that our community will come to understand the values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors of each of our members.

OMA strives to provide student services designed to support and enhance the academic and personal success of all students by developing and implementing educational, cultural, and social programs designed to inform them about multicultural issues and combat ignorance while promoting intercultural dialogue, awareness of and respect for multicultural diversity. The OMA offers students opportunities for cultural exploration, learning, leadership and campus involvement, and personal development through programs, collaborative efforts, community service, and co-curricular experiences. The fundamental role of the office is to assist students of color in successfully participating in every level of the college experience and becoming successful graduates. The Office provides a supportive environment for cultural exploration, dialogue, personal reflection, intercultural communication, constructive interaction and mutual understanding.

The Director of Multicultural Affairs also serves as the A.L.A.N.A. Student Organization Advisor, the Study Abroad Coordinator and a Student Affairs Academic Advisor, and is the campus' link to cultural awareness, study abroad programs & information, and advising. There are a variety of workshops, panel discussions, programs, and activities that take place on and off-campus throughout the school year to support these institutional endeavors.

For more information contact Stephanie Williams, Director of Multicultural Affairs at (508) 849-3396 or at

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