Residence Life - FAQ

What should I bring to campus?

We have made a list of things to bring. Click here to view and print out your checklist.

How are roommates assigned?

Each incoming student who has submitted a deposit fills out a housing application, which is available online. Each person is assigned to a room with a roommate(s) based on the answers from the application and date of deposit. Any new students can request to live together, provided that they each request to live with each other. In these cases, rooms may be assigned based on the later deposit date. Residence Life will try to accommodate any request, but they are not guaranteed. Students needing special accommodations need to e-mail the Office of Residence Life to discuss the accommodations as soon as they deposit.

What furniture is provided in the room?

Each student is assigned one bed. There is a space for hanging clothes and drawers for folded clothes, a desk and desk chair.

What size are the beds?

Extra long bed sheets will fit all of the beds in the Residence Halls.

Does my room have cable TV, a phone jack, and/or computer service?

Each room has one working cable box and phone box. This means there is one phone and one TV for the room so roommates must share. Each room has enough computer hook ups for everyone who lives in the room. Wireless Internet is also available on campus.

Do any halls have air conditioners?

Coghlin Hall, South Hall  and St. Anne Hall have rooms where students are able to regulate heating and cooling. Bringing a fan that can go in the window is always a good idea for Alumni and Madonna Halls..

If I dont have a computer, where can I go on campus to use one?

There are computer lounges in all of the Residence Halls that are open at all times. There are also computer labs in the library and the science building for student use.

Do the halls remain open during breaks?

The Residence Halls do not remain open during breaks. If a student needs to stay during a break, prior approval is needed. The student will pay a nightly fee that should be paid in full before the break. There are no meals served over breaks.

Are transfer students offered on-campus housing?

Absolutely! Any full-time undergraduate student is eligible for housing as long as they comply with all deadlines.

Can all students have cars on-campus?

Yes, all students are allowed to have a car on campus. The car must have a valid AMC parking decal. Students can get these decals from Public Safety by presenting vehicle registration, insurance and a valid driver's license.
If I do not like my roommate or we do not get along, can I be assigned to another room or roommate?
If a student does not like his or her living situation, we encourage that student to speak with his/her roommate. If the situation cannot be resolved, the Residence Life Staff will work with the student to find a better solution. Students are allowed to move to a different space with approval at any time.

Is there is any shuttle service? If so, where does it go?

The Anna Maria Van runs all day and makes different stops around Worcester. There is a posted schedule in each lobby of the halls.

If I have a problem about anything, is there someone I can go to for help?

You can always go to any Residence Life Staff member. There is a professional staff member on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, along with a counselor and a nurse.

Whats a RA and where do they live?

Resident Assistants (RAs) are upper class students, who live in single rooms on each floor. They are responsible for building a community on the floor, answering questions and being a resource for students. They also have lobby hours and make rounds in the building to help ensure the safety of all residents. On freshmen focus floors, there are additional Resident Assistants to increase the individual attention for each resident.

What is a healthy living building?

Alumni Hall is a healthy living building for men and women. Healthy living is a lifestyle choice. All students assigned to the healthy living building live free of alcohol, illegal drugs and tobacco products.

If my friend wants to sleep over can they?

Guests are allowed to sleep over, but they must be signed in. To be signed in, each guest must present a valid state or federal ID. Each resident may sign in two guests a day, and if a guest is staying overnight, they must be signed in by someone of the same sex.

Are there any co-ed rooms?

There are no co-ed rooms; each floor is separated by gender. All Residence Halls are co-ed by floor.

Do I share a bathroom or do I get my own?

Each floor shares a bathroom. None of the bathrooms are co-ed.

What happens if I get locked out of my room and or lose my key?

Someone is always available to let a student into his/her room. If a key is lost at anytime, a spare key may be issued without charge until the original is found. If the original key is not found, there is a fee to have it replaced.