Student Orientation 

SOAR Days and Student Orientation are over for the Class of 2017!

Plans are being made for SOAR Days and Student Orientation for the Class of 2018 which will be held in the spring/summer of 2014.  

For More Information

I have questions about Student Orientation, who should I contact?

Adam Duggan, Director of Academic Advising & First Year Experience, or (508) 849-3424.

Lisa Saverese, Director of Student Activities, or (508)849-3312.
I have questions on Fall housing, who should I contact?
Michelle Chapman, Director of Residence Life, or (508) 849-3271. You can also visit the Residence Life page.

I have questions on Financial Aid, who should I contact?

Pamela Brunelle, Financial Aid Assistant, or (508) 849-3366. You can also visit the Financial Aid page.

I have questions on Student Billing, who should I contact?

Jessica Sabourin, Manager of Student Accounts, or (508) 849-3222. You can also visit the Student Accounts page.

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