Honors Program

The Honors Program at Anna Maria College was founded in 2007 in order to intellectually challenge highly motivated scholastic achievers. It serves as a "college within a college" providing honors students with specialized learning and community service opportunities on local, national and global levels. The Honors Program is a member of the National Collegiate Honors Council [NCHC], the National Association of Honors Programs, and the North East Regional Honors Council [NRHC]. Honors students are welcomed to contribute to all of the majors at the College. To review the Honors program Handbook, click here.


The AMC Honors Program takes its commitment to research, scholarship and culture seriously. Honors students are active as student leaders on and off-campus and each academic year they attend an academic symposium or lecture, as well as ballets, plays, musicals and other cultural events. Nationally, honor students participate in internships in the Washington Internship Program and support the Habitat for Humanity project to provide low cost housing to America's poor. Locally, they help in the Marie Anne Center of the Sisters of St. Anne in the immigrant day care program. In 2010, in Vienna, Austria, they helped with a soccer program for poor children.

The President of Anna Maria College is a special patron of the Honors Program and he shares a strong commitment to research, scholarship, culture and global awareness. His participation is intended to encourage learning and scholarship at a higher level, knowing that the honors students will make special contributions to a global society in the future and especially to Anna Maria College after graduation.

Unique Benefits

Honors students have the opportunity to present the results of their research in their respective fields at the annual AMC Academic Symposium and the Regional NRHC annual meeting. 

 Honors students enjoy preferential selection in on-campus housing, after their freshman year. This allows them to choose a living situation on the main campus that is conducive to their active lifestyle. 

Honors students enjoy advanced pre-registration at the beginning of the second semester of their freshmen year. 

Honors students are able to register first, with seniors, to insure that they get the courses they need. 

Honors students attend an annual "Presidential Dinner," a formal event sponsored by the President in order to celebrate their achievements during the academic year. 

Honors students participate in academic, cultural, social and charitable Events that help to fulfill the Mission of Anna Maria College:

2008            Russian National Ballet, P.I. Tchaikovsky’s, Swan Lake

2009            George Gerschwin’s, Porgy & Bess

2010            W.A. Mozart’s Requiem & Abduction from the Seraglio

2011            G. Puccini’s Tosca

2012            G. Verdi’s Aida [Metropolitan Opera, New York]


Exciting Curriculum

Honors students follow a curriculum guided by the following themes that match the goals of the College's commitment to developing research & writing skills, global and social awareness and humanistic values in the Roman Catholic tradition.
               Freshman Year: English Composition, Writing Through Literature & Academic Research [two courses]
               Sophomore Year: The Western Humanistic Tradition [three courses
               Junior Year: Social Engagement in Pursuit of Justice & Catholic Theology [two courses]
               Senior Year: Senior Honors Seminar [one course]
Global Studies Opportunities
Anna Maria College is committed to engaging its honors students in the study of challenges that affect everyone in the 21st century. This includes global warming, the impact of immigration on societies, and the economic impact of the post-industrial age and the challenges of world population growth. Each honors student is required once in her/his four-years at Anna Maria College to engage directly in global studies through interesting programs.

A short-term study experience related to our global environment; many of these opportunities are sponsored by the NCHC. They include NCHC Partners in the Parks Program, where students study the effects of global warming in our national parks or a week-long, concentrated study in the Amazon Rain Forest in Peru.

A focused seminar that meets in a city like Paris, Rome or Berlin, that is part of course offerings at Anna Maria College. This also includes a science course that studies the Caribbean rain forest in Puerto Rico or a social work excursion to India.

A self-designed study abroad experience.

A more traditional semester abroad, like the Anna Maria College "Vienna Semester," in Vienna, Austria.

Read what our Honors Students write about their Global Studies Experiences:

“Traveling to another completely foreign place opened my eyes wide to the idea that there were other cultures that were completely different from my own. I was stunned by the differences between American and Peruvian culture. I was amazed by how well people lived with what little they had….”

“The classes that I took at Cambridge University were superb…. Overall, my study abroad experience was one of the highlights of my time at Anna Maria. Without a study abroad requirement being a part of Anna Maria’s Honors Program, I would have missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime.”

“There have been only a few times in my life that I felt with certainty that I was in exactly the right place at the right time…. When all fourteen [Honors] students, along with a handful of professors, greeted each other for the first time, I found myself in the most mature, intellectually stimulating, relaxed and friendly group I had met in my life.”

“An Anna Maria class cannot teach a student about being a part of the world as a whole, about how other people live, work and thrive. It’s difficult to articulate what specifically changed about me while there, but upon coming home, I knew that I had learned more in a semester that I had ever learned before.”

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