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Planning for Future Generations
Rick Radesky '98 G

Walking into the office of Richard Radesky ‘98G is like entering a microcosm of CNN with multiple computers and a flat-screen TV operating at the same time.  A successful entrepreneur, Rick is at the top of his professional game and makes sure he remains this way by keeping ahead of the curve in our fast-paced global economy. 

Rick began carving out his own life path after graduating Shrewsbury High when he decided to join the Navy as a way to earn money for college.  After his stint in the service, Rick joined the work force and began to pursue his education part-time: first at Tidewater Community College in Virginia, where he earned an associate’s degree in business, and later at Worcester State, where he received his bachelor’s degree in psychology.  Although Rick had accomplished a great deal in a short time, he had higher aspirations for himself.

“When I first graduated from high school, I thought an associate’s degree would open up job opportunities for me,” shares Rick.  “However, I soon realized that if I wanted to achieve my personal goals, I would need a master’s degree to ensure that I had a leg up over the competition.”

Rick began pursuing his MBA at Bryant College but soon transferred to Anna Maria.  “The educational experience being offered at AMC was much more to my liking,” explains Rick.  “The small classes and engaged faculty with real-life experiences made all the difference.  In addition, its more competitive price made AMC a much better value,” he adds. 

His time at AMC was well spent as his new MBA made Rick very competitive in the marketplace.   “I learned about total quality management, which was in high demand in many industries in the mid-to-late-‘90s,” says Rick.  “My AMC education began to open up doors for me in the business world.”  

After assisting to streamline operations at United Health Plan, Rick’s strong entrepreneurial spirit motivated him to move beyond the corporate world and serve as a consultant in process management.  It was during this time that he found a passion for day trading.  After a brief stay in Florida, Rick returned to Massachusetts to build a career in wealth management.

“I found that I really enjoyed helping others plan for their future,” claims Rick, whose engaging personality was well received by many individuals in the greater Worcester community seeking financial management advice.   “Before I knew it, I was the co-creator and host of a show called Planning for the Future, which first aired on WORC-AM and then later on television on Channel 3,” he adds.   “The show was very successful and featured numerous experts in the field of finance, many of whom came from AMC.”

Today, Rick owns a very successful Ameriprise franchise in Worcester and was recently listed in the top 7% of wealth managers by Boston Magazine.  Although he has come a long way since graduating from AMC, Rick has never lost sight of how his alma mater helped him spiral to the top of his profession.  “My education at AMC provided me with much more than book knowledge.  My professors taught me how to think and how to apply a practical knowledge to real world experiences,” shares Rick. 

According to Rick, he is at a point in his life when it is time to give back.  As a financial planner, he can’t think of a better way than to endow a planned gift at Anna Maria College. 

“Planned giving fits with who I am both personally and professionally,” explains Rick.  “It demonstrates to others how important it is to learn how to manage your money.  It also supports another one of my passions: education,” he adds.  “The gift I am leaving AMC will provide a full, four-year scholarship for one student a year for as long as Anna Maria exists, which I expect will be forever. 

In addition to this generous gift, Rick will soon be teaching in the business department at AMC.  “I can’t wait to share my knowledge with students about real-world experiences so that they can be better prepared to understand life’s ups and downs.”

The Anna Maria College Community is very grateful to Rick for his generosity and for insuring that future AMC students will be able to benefit from his good will.