Walsh Anne
A Musical Icon
Anne Walsh '84
Anne Walsh '84 chose to attend Anna Maria College for a few reasons. One was that she was interested in music therapy and AMC had the only nationally accredited program in New England at the time. The second reason was that she wanted a smaller college where she would get the attention from professors that she needed and where campus life was not too overpowering. Third, she liked the location, because it was close to her family. Anne says, "Anna Maria was a perfect setting for me to learn as a young lady. I have fond memories and so many friends to this day."
Although she had grown up dancing and did not start singing until she was 15 years old, Anne knew that music was a way to help and heal people. She attended AMC with very little musical knowledge, even though she knew she could sing. What she found during her years on campus was a love for voice as an instrument. Anne credits Dr. Robert Goepfert, the then Music Department chair, as being a wonderful mentor and a "very kind man." In addition, she fondly remembers the guidance and tutelage from professors Malama Robbins, Jane Lahikainan Martin, Janetta Petkus, Maureen Britt Connors, Roger Greene, and Sister Lorraine Gagnon.
After graduating with a degree in Music Therapy, Anne went on to California State University of Long Beach to study for her Master's in Voice. Her passion for music led her to pursue opera and then musical theatre in California. For the last 10 years, Anne has focused her musical performance endeavors in jazz. In 2009, she put out Pretty World, a jazz collection featuring tunes with a Brazilian feeling, along with unique arrangements of jazz standards and lyricized versions of contemporary instrumental jazz classics. The record was nominated for a Grammy for the musical arrangement by her husband, Tom Zink, on the track "In the Still of the Night." In 2011, she released the record Go. Both albums have received national and international recognition and airplay and have allowed Anne and her band to perform nationally and internationally in places such as Brazil and Romania.
For the past eight years Anne has been teaching at AMDA L.A. (Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts), the famed college and conservatory for the performing arts.
For more information about Anne Walsh, visit http://www.annewalsh.com.