Honors Program Spotlight
About Dr. Paul Russell, Honors Program Director

Professor Paul Russell, Ph.D., holds his doctorate in Early Modern European History from Boston College [1978]. He began his career as Assistant Professor of History at the American University in Cairo, Egypt in 1979. He came to Anna Maria College in 1986 with the specific charge of helping to encourage international awareness among AMC students. He served as Chair of the College's History Department until 1998; since 2007, he has been Director of the AMC Honors Program.

Based on the success of his book, Lay Theology in the Reformation (Cambridge University Press, 1986), he was invited to teach a seminar on publishing in Northern Europe during the Renaissance at the University of Florence, Italy in 1989. In 1991, he pioneered short-term study abroad at the Anna Maria College in Berlin, Germany. Since 1991, he has led short-term study opportunities to Berlin, Paris, and Rome. In 2009, Professor Russell organized the AMC "Vienna Semester" that provided AMC students with the opportunity to study abroad in one of Europe's most exciting capitals. He has given papers and published them nationally and internationally.

For his contributions to AMC, he was made an honorary AMC Alumns in 2003. In 2008, he was nominated for the Carnegie Foundation's Professor of the Year Award. He serves on the advisory board of EF's "College Study Tours" and as a panelist at NCHC's Forum on International Education. In addition to his role as Honors Program Director at Anna Maria College, he is an advisor to the Honors students and a teacher in the Honors program.