About Matthew Hinds-Aldrich, Ph.D.

Matthew Hinds-Aldrich, Ph.D., joined Anna Maria College in 2011 and has helped to infuse the College’s Fire Science program with exciting new opportunities for students. An assistant professor of Fire Science, Dr. Hinds-Aldrich also serves as a national expert on the unfortunate topic of firefighter arsonists--firefighters arrested for setting fires. He has written several articles and the leading White Paper on the topic and has presented at major conferences in the U.S. and U.K. about the scope of the problem and how to target it.

A graduate of Eastern Kentucky University, Dr. Hinds-Aldrich received his master’s in science from the same institution and his Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Kent in England. His doctoral research focused on the concept of firefighter culture.

Dr. Hinds-Aldrich serves on the Board of Directors of Fire 20/20, a national non-profit organization working to increase diversity and inclusion within the Fire Service. In particular, he has been active in promoting High School to College "Pathways" programs in under-served and highly-diverse communities as a way to expose young people to careers and educational opportunities in the fire and emergency services they may have never considered.