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Competing with Excellence on the Golf Course and in the
Michael Blomgren

Golf is no longer considered just a gentlemen’s game.  With younger professionals entering the field of play every day, golf has become a highly competitive sport.  AMC student Michael Blomgren is a golfer in his own right and follows in the steps of many of the pros when he is competing as part of AMC’s golf team.

“I started my athletic career playing hockey,” shares Mike, “but soon became enamored with golf after a cousin inspired me to take up the sport after I injured my knee.”

Mike began learning the game of golf on the challenging par-three course at Cyprian Keys in Boylston, MA, where he first met AMC’s golf coach, Matt Stephens.  By high school, Mike was playing the Championship 18-hole course at Cyprian.  As part of the AMC golf team, Mike strives to always post a good score. 

“Playing competitive golf is different than playing other college sports,” comments Mike.  “The coach can help prepare you for an upcoming tournament with practice rounds and advice, but once you tee off, the rest of the game is in your hands to win or lose.” Mike prefers to walk the course just like the pros so that he stays in the groove and keeps his focus on the game.   He points to his coach Matt as a very patient man, someone who inspires the team not to give up.   

In addition to his commitment to excellence on the golf course, Mike is a motivated student in the College’s Criminal Justice program.  Mike finds the work challenging in a way that makes him want to learn more.

When Mike isn’t studying or playing golf, he manages a driving range on Route 12 in Auburn.  It was there that he became more familiar with Professor Richard Talbot, who, in addition to teaching CJ courses at AMC, likes to practice his golf swing during off-hours. Professor Talbot and Mike not only connected over their respective tee-shots, but Professor Talbot provided support and friendship to Mike when the Pro at the driving range passed away suddenly.  “Professor Talbot was there for me,” shares Mike.  “He really exemplifies what AMC’s close-knit community is all about.”  

With the golf season over, Mike looks for opportunities to get a round or two of play in whenever he can.  He claims that he would consider going pro, but knows that to accomplish that goal he would have to move to a place where he was sure he could play the game year-round.  

For now, Mike seems content to help the AMC golf team win tournaments and to watch golf legends compete when they visit Norton, MA for the annual PGA tournament.  He also hasn’t given up the notion of beating his coach Matt.  “I keep trying and hope that someday I will post a better score,” he quips.  Mike also credits his desire to succeed to his parents, brother and step-sisters. “They always push me to strive to achieve,” adds Mike.