Rahul.AliciaGrowing Student Leaders
Alicia Savo and Rahul Patel

It did not take long for Alicia Savo and Rahul Patel to emerge as student leaders at Anna Maria College.  Both chose the College for its small, close-knit community; everyone associated with AMC has benefited greatly from their choice.

Alicia is the middle child in a large New Hampshire family.  Unlike most middle children, she has never been invisible.  “I am not afraid to speak up and say what I think,” she shares.  “I like to be involved with what is happening around me.”

Rahul grew up in New England and returned to the area after moving to Georgia.  “I didn’t like the schools down south so I searched for colleges that would bring me up north,” explains Rahul.  “AMC ended up being the right fit.”

Rahul and Alicia met at AMC, and according to Alicia, “After Rahul and I spoke up at a meeting with President Jack Calareso and Dean Andrew Klein to share some of our ideas, we were approached to be the food representatives for the Student Government Association.”  So Alicia and Rahul joined together to become a dynamic force on campus.

After their service as food reps, Alicia decided to run for president and Rahul for treasurer and later vice president of their class.  They both won; and in their new roles, became responsible for working with their classmates to raise money for events and activities. 

Again their successful efforts and strong passion for AMC led them to achieve leadership roles in SGA with Alicia serving as president and Rahul as Vice President for Student Affairs.