Housing Application Process

AMC provides housing for full time undergraduate students. Any questions regarding the Housing Application process should be directed to the Residence Life Office, (508) 849-3271 or mchapman@annamaria.edu.

Housing Application for Current Students

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AMC provides undergraduate housing to registered, full time, undergraduate students. Residents must be in good standing with the College academically, behaviorally and financially. Current commuting students, current residents, who do not get a bed in the lottery and those current residents, who miss the lottery deadline are housed in August on a space available basis after the incoming class is housed.{/showhide}

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For a returning student to cancel the Housing Agreement, he/she must apply in writing to the Residence Life Office. The room deposit is refundable as a credit on the AMC account through May 1st and non-refundable after May 1st. After June 1st, cancellation of the Housing Agreement will result in a charge of $500. Please refer to the Housing Agreement for more details. {/showhide}

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Current resident students choose their rooms and roommates through Room Lottery in April.

To participate in Room Lottery, a student must be a current resident, registered as a full time student for the next fall semester, and have paid the $100 Room Deposit to the Business Office prior to 4:30 P.M., February 1.

Selection of rooms by students eligible for Room Lottery will be based on current class standing. All eligible students will be randomly assigned a number based upon their current class standing.

The number assigned to a student cannot be transferred to another student. Numbers will be called on the night of Room Lottery beginning with one.
The student must be present within one minute of his/her number being called. The approximate time numbers will be called will be posted the week of Lottery. The student whose number is called will move, with his/her roommate(s), to the lottery table.

The students will choose their room from the rooms available. Students will have one minute at the lottery table to choose their room before the next number is called. All rooms must be filled to be chosen (two students picking a double, three picking a triple, etc).

Lottery participants may not "hold" a space for those ineligible for lottery. Trades requested after opening in an attempt to manipulate this policy will not be allowed. Residents in rooms that fall below full occupancy after Lottery will be reassigned by Residence Life.

Once all singles are chosen, a student without a roommate will NOT be able to choose a room at Lottery. This is done to avoid housing upper class students with incoming freshmen. Students ineligible for remaining rooms will be matched and assigned to rooms after Lottery by Residence Life. All students without roommates should see the Residence Life Office as soon as possible for assistance in finding a roommate. {/showhide}

Room Lottery FAQ

Important Dates to Remember