Advising and First-Year Experience at AMC


adamduggan2First-Year Experience at Anna Maria College aids students in all areas of their development and transition to college and the    Anna Maria community. Elements of the First-Year Experience include but are not limited to Orientation , Academic Advising, and An na Maria’s First-Year Experience Course. AMC 100 is required of all incoming freshmen and, in conjunction with advising services, provides students with a comprehensive support network during their first semester as they explore their personal interests and values as well as their academic, career, and life goals.

Students work with professional and faculty advisors early in their college career to establish educational, professional, and personal goals aligned with their diverse interests and aspirations. Advisors aid students in their journey to independence and help them realize their place as the primary stakeholder in their education. Informing students of the expectations, requirements, and responsibilities associated with a successful college experience positions Anna Maria students to assume responsibility for their own success, as well as leadership roles both on campus and in the community.

AMC100 (First-Year Experience Course)

AMC100 is Anna Maria’s First-Year Experience course. A 3-credit college course required of all incoming freshmen, it is a part of the general education requirements of all undergraduate programs. This course pushes students to explore their values as well as their career and life aspirations while introducing them to college success strategies. Students discuss learning styles, study skills, and time management strategies in pursuit of answers to overarching questions regarding their unique opportunity as a member of Anna Maria College. Support services and various members of the college community work with students in the classroom to help them understand all of the resources available for students on the Anna Maria campus and how to best access that support. Students finish this course with an arsenal of success strategies and a better understanding of their purpose as a student and contributing member of the Anna Maria community.


Advising Mission Statement
Advising is an opportunity to engage within a teaching and learning community designed to help students identify and pursue their educational, career and life goals.  It serves as a connection to campus and community resources that promote success and enrichment of the college experience.

Advisors at AMC
Both professional and faculty advisors aid students in the development of academic plans based on student academic and career goals. Advisors work with students to help them develop academic and personal success skills such as critical thinking, organizational and time management, communication and listening, and self-assessment. Advisors at Anna Maria recognize that without accurate and timely information students are unable to make sound decisions regarding their current and future plans. As such advisors help students recognize and locate all available resources that provide students with the information crucial to their success. Advisors are invested in the success of our students and are committed to helping them achieve their goals.

Advising at Anna Maria College seeks to accomplish the following:

  1. Connect students to resources and information regarding academic programs of interest, careers options, and appropriate life planning resources (i.e. graduate school, industry licensing or required exams, etc.)

  2. Educate students of their program and graduation requirements as well as college policy as it relates to their success at Anna Maria.

  3. Connect students to campus and community resources available to aid in their decision-making process, support their transition to the institution, enhance their college experience, and help them form a deeper connection with the college.

  4. Create meaningful relationships with our students based on mutual respect and a shared desire to see them reach their full potential and achieve their goals.

  5. Provide students with timely and accurate information. {/showhide}

Advising Frequently Asked Questions

What is Advising?

Advising is a teaching and learning interaction between students and members of the college community designed to help students identify educational, career, and life goals as well as connect them to campus and community resources that will aid in their transition to college and future success.

 What is the Advising Center?
The Advising Center is where the professional advising staff at Anna Maria College is located. Its primary focus is to support our students and contribute to their success at Anna Maria and beyond. However, the advising center is a resource to faculty, staff, and the entire Anna Maria Community.

 Where is the Advising Center?
The Advising Center is located in Trinity Hall.

 What is the CORE Curriculum?
The CORE curriculum is a group of courses that all students must complete regardless of their major. Students learn more about the CORE during Orientation and throughout first-year activities such as AMC100 and advising appointments during their first semester.

Who is my Advisor and how do I find him/her?

Many freshman students are assigned to an advisor located in the Advising Center while others are assigned to a faculty member within their major. Students connect with this advisor at multiple points throughout their first year at Anna Maria. Additionally, advisor information is available to students through the Anna Maria student portal and registrar’s office.

 When do I meet my Advisor?
All students meet with an advisor during Orientation. During their first semester, students connect with advisors at multiple points to discuss issues related to their transition to the Anna Maria Community as well as their academic progress and performance. Students must meet with their advisor to obtain their registration pin number, required for spring semester registration.

What will my Advisor and I talk about?

Students may seek guidance about any number of concerns especially during their first year of college. Students may find themselves speaking to their advisors about anything from their academic requirements to issues with their roommate. Communication and trust are at the center of a successful advising relationship so students should feel comfortable and confident discussing important issues with their advisor.

 How do I contact my advisor?
Students may contact their advisor via email, phone, or drop by the advising center or your faculty advisor’s designated office hours. Students may look up their advisor information online via the student portal and are encouraged to contact them frequently.

Why is it important to see my advisor?

Your advisor wants to see you succeed! They can help connect you to resources that help you be successful here at the college and beyond. If you are having an issue or are concerned about something you can always go see your advisor. Advisors do not have all of the answers, but they know where to direct students to obtain the answers. When you don’t know where to go…….go see your advisor!

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