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Curriculum: Master of Social Work

Degree requirements and required courses to complete the program

Degree Requirements
The Master’s of Social Work consists of 62 credits; 20 courses with an overall GPA of 2.7 (B-) including a integrated seminar
Required Courses:
Foundation Year
SWK 501 Social Work and Practice Fields (3)
SWK 502 Ethical Theory, Diversity and Social Justice (3)
SWK 503 Social Welfare Policy (3)
SWK 504 Growth and Behavior in Social Environment (3)
SWK 505 Field Work & Seminar I (4) 
SWK 506 Generalist Practice with Individuals (3)
SWK 507 Generalist Practice with Families and Groups (3)
SWK 508 Generalist Practice with Communities and Organizations (3)
SWK 509 Social Work Research Methods (3)
SWK 510 Field Work & Seminar II (4)
SWK 599 The Bridge Orientation Program for Advanced Standing (0)

Concentration Year/Advanced Standing Year
SWK 601 Policy and Practice (3)
SWK 602 Evaluation and Assessment (3)
SWK 603 Administration and Supervision (3)
SWK 604 Integrated Seminar - I (Applied Research) (2)
SWK 605 Field Work and Seminar - III (4)
SWK 606 Advanced Practice with Couples, Families, and Groups (3)
SWK 609 Integrated Seminar- II (Research Project) (2)
SWK 610 Field work and Seminar - IV (4)

Free Elective Courses (minimum two courses)
SWK 701 Administration in Social Work Practice – (3)
SWK 702 Child Welfare Practice and Services (3)
SWK 703 Supervision in Social Work Practice (3)
SWK 704 Critical issues in Chemical Dependence (3)
SWK 705 Social Work Perspectives on Psychopathology – (3)
SWK 706 Family Focused Social Work Practice (3)
SWK 708 Gerontology (3)
SWK 709 International Independent Study (3-6 credits)
SWK 710 Independent Study (3)
SWK 811 Death and Dying (1.5)
SWK 812 Practice of Mindfulness
SWK 813 Marital and Family Therapy (1.5)
SWK 814 Psychological Trauma (1.5)
SWK 815 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (1.5)
SWK 816 Motivational Interviewing (1.5)

Statement on Program Accreditation and State Social Work Licensure
Anna Maria College' in Social Work program is not currently accredited but is in the process of applying for Accreditation from the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). Having received continuous CSWE accreditation of our BSW Program since 1974 we expect that we have the knowledge and resources to move the MSW Program through the accreditation process successfully. To date, we have successfully met all requirements and as of November, 2016, the Commission on Accreditation will meet on February 28th, 2018 to vote on approving the MSW Program for Candidacy status.

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