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For my final blog post, I would like to point out the most important thing students need to remember in’s your education! Students need to be comfortable and assertive in communicating what they want to get out of their college experience with their professors. And faculty should continue to strive to provide the resources necessary to let students flourish in their academics.

As a junior at Anna Maria College, I take pride in knowing that the College I go to is full of resources that will help me learn what I need to know, and the biggest resource of all is the faculty. They provide the knowledge and the tools AMC students need to thrive...students just need to let them know that’s exactly what they are in college to do.

Have a great holiday season and thanks for sharing this experience with me.

Anna Maria College is blessed to have an amazing faculty that is dedicated to the values of education and helping students. Our professors can almost always be seen with an open door to their office when they are not in the classroom. Every time I walk down the halls and past faculty offices I see at least a couple of professors meeting with students trying to give them the extra help they might need for the class or possibly just meeting to make sure they are both on the same page.

Meeting with faculty is important because the classroom is not the only time place your professor can help you. Often, it’s during office hours that you can really talk with your professors about what’s going on in class or about something you need help with. Any questions that can’t be asked in class because there might not be enough time or you’re not comfortable asking in class, can be asked during these office hours. One-on-one time can be very helpful for students, as well as professors, and can aid in the professor-student relationship. I encourage all students not to ignore their professors’ office hours!

Another great thing about Anna Maria College is that it is a small campus so it is a common occurrence to see professors walking around campus. Also, because we don’t have a large campus, it’s easier to talk to a professor casually either to get to know each other better or to set up a time to meet more formally.

Remember that professors are there for you; they are your most valuable resource, after all, they are the ones teaching you everything you need to know!

            Professors, do your students utilize your office hours frequently?

            Students, do your professors' office hours help you?

One advantage of being at a smaller institution is being able to develop a good form of communication between you and your professor. My advisor, who is also the primary professor for my major of media communications has made a huge impact on my college life here at AMC. For my first two years, I had the pleasure of having him one to three times a semester, as well as for my advisor. This semester, although I don't have any classes with him, I still make sure that we stay in touch whether through email or by stopping by his office during free time to speak with him about what’s going on with my life, classes, and internship.

The more you tell your professors and advisors, the more they will know about you and the more they can help you. For instance, if you are failing a class and for some reason your advisor did not know yet and you didn’t tell him/her quick enough, by the time s/he finds out, it might be too late to sign up for that class again and/or it may interfere with future scheduling.

Being on a small campus like AMC, it’s very easy to speak with your advisor and  professors frequently.

Have you ever had a good experience because you kept good communication with your professor/advisor?

Communicating with your professor can do a lot for building a positive student/professor relationship that makes your educational experience worthwhile. Getting the most from your education can also be as simple as understanding what you are doing in your classes in the first place.

Besides the fact that we are in college to learn, we should know exactly what we are learning. Some of us may find ourselves in a class we are required to take and then realize that we have no idea what it is actually about. Sometimes, students have trouble understanding exactly what they are supposed to obtain from a class or what they need to learn. Working with the professor to establish course goals can help students stay focused on what they need to do and can keep them on the right track. This may sound simple to some but as  a college student I have often wondered  “when will I use this class for?” or “how does this class really help me?”

With your professors assistance, I am finding that there is always something of value to gain from a class. And while it may not seem to directly help you in obvious ways, you may and most likely will find yourself in a situation where you remember what you learned in that class you once took and be glad you learned it!

Education is so valuable, and when it is given to you in any form, cherish it, because it’s one thing that can never be taken away from you...only given.



College can be the most crucial learning point in someone’s life as s/he will learn time management, relationship building, real life lessons and much more. Helping students learn how to balance their priorities and decide which goals are the most important can help put them on track.


Earlier in the semester, I had to make a decision whether or not I could handle being on the cross country team here at Anna Maria College given my many other responsibilities. For about two weeks the thought of stepping down from the team troubled me as I knew I would have a very busy schedule this semester with two on-campus jobs and an internship, all three of which were scheduled for  Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  And with classes scheduled for  Tuesdays and Thursdays, I was looking at a very full-time commitment. After asking advice from family, I wanted to ask advice from someone I knew, and was comfortable talking with, on campus.


Now being on the small campus that Anna Maria offers, I was able to seek advice from someone not everyone can say they have the pleasure of going to at any other college. With a door always open, I walked into the President’s office and asked him for his advice.  


Ever since I started getting involved on campus, I’ve had the pleasure of working and meeting with the President on numerous occasions. I told him the situation that was troubling me, having a busy schedule and working on student government and such, and I told him that I wanted to focus on my future after Anna Maria and focus on my passion in higher education. Before he said anything else, he told me how important it was that I was taking this time to sort out my priorities and that it was good that I wanted to prepare myself for the future. He also could tell that I had already made my choice about the team before I walked into his office, at which he smiled.


The President's advice taught me a lot about how college is a time where you figure out your priorities in life, like getting a job, furthering your education, so on and so forth. But having the ability to connect with a faculty member, a professor, or even the President, is something that you must cherish, because in college, having people who care about you can be an invaluable asset.


Have any of you had any experiences like this you want to share?