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Alternative Spring Break 2018

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Each year almost thirty five percent (35%) of the student population that applies and enrolls comes with experience and interest in continuing to work in the area of Community Service. Recently a number of Anna Maria College students along with the Director and Assistant Director of Campus Ministry, Fr. Manuel Clavijo and Melissa LaNeve, spent the week of March 4th through March 10th in Houston, Texas for our annual Alternative Spring Break service trip. This trip was done in collaboration with Vacations that Give, an organization run by the Sisters of St. Anne, as well as the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. The team was able to help serve families from the Archdiocese in Houston whose homes were damaged by Hurricane Harvey in August 2017.

One group of students worked on the inside of a family of four’s home. They completed all new insulating and dry walling around the lower half of every room, which was needed due to the damage left by the flooding. The second group of students worked underneath another home - adding insulation and styrofoam between the joists to help with temperature control after it had been raised four feet off the ground to prevent further flood damage.

A special part of this week was being able to spend time with members of the family in a second home. The mother and her 20 year old son exemplified generosity by giving from the little they had to make sure our team was well cared for. The son spent the full week working with the Anna Maria students helping renovate the damaged home. It was impressive to see the amount of work that was accomplished by all in such a short amount of time.

Additional highlights for the team included a reflection each night that centered on the theme of “gratitude.” Insights included the importance of living in the moment and disconnecting from our phones in order to be more present with those around us, and to appreciate the struggles as they often show us the areas we need to grow most. As the week came to a close, it was mentioned the group reflected on the hard work and more importantly the close relationships among the team members, with the families, with oneself, and with God.

Overall, the 2018 Alternative Spring Break trip was a profound, impactful, and fruitful experience for all. Each participant returned to campus changed for the better and ready to bring even more change to their community back home. Anna Maria students often volunteer over 5,000 hours of service each year. The work and commitment reflects the mission of Anna Maria - a college that educates students to become individuals who will transform their world as ethical leaders and community-oriented professionals.

Participants included: Matthew Braz ‘20, Elizabeth Casella ’18, Sarah Coley ’19, Emily Hawley ’19, Kaylee Marshall ’19 (Student Leader), Kennedy Mastriani ’21, Kayla McBrien ’19, Patrick McKenna ’19 (Student Leader), Matthew Mitera ’18, Kayla Pearson ’21, Opal Powers ’21, Bryanna Tobin ‘18

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2018 Spring Senior Art Exhibit

Senior Art Exhibit

Department of Art & Design Presents:

APRIL/MAY 2018 Senior Art Exhibitions at Art Center Gallery, Miriam Hall

You are invited to this year’s Senior Art Exhibitions which represent the capstone experience for our seniors in Art Therapy, Graphic Design, and Studio Art. There will be two group exhibitions this spring. Exhibition 1, opens on Wednesday 18 April and runs through 28 April. Exhibition 2, opens on Wednesday 2 May and runs through 12 May.

Exhibition 1 showcases the work of Kristen Bruno, Rebecca Foti, Kathryn Rendock, Justin Senus, and Hannah Trudo. Opening Reception, Wednesday 18 April, 5 – 7pm

Exhibition 2 showcases the work of Daniel Jodrey, Shannon Latour, Matthew Mitera, Suzanne Pekar, and Michelle St. Denis. Opening Reception, Wednesday 2 May, 5 – 7pm

All Events are Free and Open to the Public.

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Esther Solondz - So Lightly Here

smESolondz Poster goldEsther Solondz So Lightly Here

The Art Center Gallery at Anna Maria College will present Esther Solondz, So Lightly Here from Wednesday, February 21through Wednesday, April 11. Esther Solondz lives in Providence, Rhode Island, and keeps a studio both there and in New Hampshire. Gallery NAGA in Boston represents her. She produces gallery-scale work, and monumental outdoor sculptures. In both cases, she conspires with plants, animals, and natural elements to create a finished work of art over time. The ephemeral nature of her work and the development of it over time seem directly influenced by her training as a photographer, yet the resulting images are akin to sculpture, painting, and drawing. There are glass cylinders filled with a myriad of objects encrusted with salt, there are towers of milkweed, and of mud, and there are portraits composed of stains left by rust.

The Anna Maria College exhibit of Esther Solondz So Lightly Here, surveys the various modes employed to investigate specific natural phenomena by showcasing the marks, and structures resulting from the artist’s experiments, and collaborations with nature. The exhibit proposes to depict the behavior of these elements over time, through the presentation of the subsequent work. The exhibition of a guest artist each semester exposes students, the college, and community to a diverse range of contemporary art. An accompanying catalog further explores the artist’s work and will be available for sale at the Opening. The public, students, staff, and classes are invited to attend the Opening Reception on Wednesday, February 21 from 5:00 – 7:00 pm, featuring a discussion at 5:30pm, between Solondz and Gallery Director Darrell Matsumoto.

Anna Maria College

School of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Department of Art & Design

Art Center Gallery at Miriam Hall

50 Sunset Lane

Paxton, MA 01712

Catalog available: Esther Solondz, So Lightly Here or online at

and search for Anna Maria College

@annamaria_artanddesign    #annamaria_artgallery

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Fall 2017 Deans List

Dean's List

Congratulations to the students who made the 2017 Fall Dean's List:

Patrick Adams Elizabeth Eldridge Sabrina LaMountain Michael Rapoza
Benjamin Alden Joseph Elliott Yvonne Lamptey Troy Repekta
Stephanie Allen Anekah Ellis Robert Lancaster Harley Richards III
Sherezade Alvarez Cherie-Ann Extra Jacqueline LaPierre Daniel Rinkus
Brandon Andexler Richard Fagan Jr. Shannon Latour Natalie Robinson
Britnee Angell Victoria Falco Connor Lavin Claudia Rodas
Alexander Angelo Jeffrey Falk Nicholas Lawrence Andrew Rodriques
Riley Antle Zachary Festa Ngocgiau Le Kristina Russo
Phillip Antonucci Patrick Finn Amanda Lemire Jessica Ruttan
Esther Apeah Callan Finn-McMahon Stephanie LoCascio Daniel Sacco
Adjoa Asafu-Adjaye Amber Floury Tahj Lovelock Kyle Santosuosso
Joel Ashema Zachary Foley Cox Destinee Lucier Taryn Scanlon
Alyssa Banks Emelia Follansbee Tatyana Lugo-Gardner Paul III Schwarz
Deja Barber Regan Forss Lexey Lutz Rebecca Scott
Jessica Barbera Rebecca Foti Jillian Major Olivia Seaback
Brendan Bartlett Connor Francis Raissa Mapinduzi Amanda Servis
Robin Baxter Doretha Frias James Marcello Allyson Shaw
Derona Beckford Camryn Gallagher Andrew Marcotte Karleen Shorette
Alicia Beebe Gage Garcia Margaret Maresco Dasmine Silva
Darren Belliveau Samantha Gobin Bryan Jr Mariner Julia Simoneau
Kaylee Besse Anna Golemo Yvonne Markham Amanda Sinatra
Adam Black Mellany Gomez Emily Martin James Smith
Colleen Bogonovich Janeliee Gomez Jonathan Marx Jacob Smith
Ashley Bottis Ralph Grasso Jeffrey Mayer McKenzie Sparling
Trevor Brown Jessica Grindell Matthew McCune Michelle St Denis
Camden Brown Theresa Guidotti Daniel McElhinney Anthony St Pierre
Karlyn Brown Emily Guinee Emma McGrath Carl St.Paul
Elizabeth Buckingham Brown Dakota Haddad Anne Melanson Ariah Stephen
Hunter Burton Madeline Haley Meagan Menegus Doriela Stoja
Abigail Campbell Allyson Hamelin Daniel Mensah-Frimpong Daniel Stout
Sabrina Carreira Emily Hawley Meaghan Miller Anxhela Sulollari
Nadia Carrillo Cassandra Henderson Jack Morgan Christine Swain
Bianca Cassanelli Madelyn Hill Hayley Morin Michaella Taddeo
Christopher Cassettari Joseph Holmes Ryan Murphy Hang Tang
John Castilleja Helza Howland Cassim Alex Myers Mary Tanona
Katherine Castro Jilane Hunzwi Emily Ngo Courtney Taylor
Daniel Chambers Danielle Huston Jacob Nichols John Terranova
Abygail Chapdelaine Jon Isperduli Samantha Norris Marissa Tettoni
Angelica Chavez Wasfa Jaffri Elizabeth Nydam Austin Thomas
Caleb Cimini Tanner Jakola Karen Oberg Zoi Traiforos
Nellda Clark Mathsshael Jean Ciara OConnor Nathan Trombley
Suzanne Colella Theodora Jean Kayla Odegaard Hannah Trudo
Joseph Collins Daniel Jodrey Erica O'Leary Annie Turnbull
Christopher Contento Emily Johnson Priscilla Oti Madison Varano
Brittany Cook Alicia Johnston Abigail Packard Meghan Vieira
Jacquelyn Cournoyer Deborah Joseph Marylee Panient Noah Vinci
Chelsea Cove Sarah Judson Kevin Paquette Cole Walling
Andrew Cucci Gertrude Kamau Kayla Paterson Tami Warner
Samantha Dacey Christina Katsogridakis Suzanne Pekar Abigail Warren
Carly D'Amato Matthew Kelley Otto Pellegrino Kristen Whitton
Michael DeLuca Thomas Kenney Tyler Perron Brett Willson
Mia DiBiasio David Kent Cameron Perry Joshua Wozniak
Sonya DiPietro Bryan Kiley Adam Phillips Jessica Wunderlich
Domenic DiSandro III Bridget Kissi Mariah Pina Sophia Yasin
Diandra Doble Paula Kneeland Aleksandra Pond Hannah Zajchowski
Sarah Dumas Brooke Kresco Alan Portis Katie Zanauskas
Kimbley Dumphy Casey Lacasse Jadelia Quintana Ariana Zecco

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Achieving Scholarship Goals with Interdisciplinary Case Studies


Lisa and Joan-Beth

This past fall, Lisa Carpino and Joan-Beth Gow published an article, “Achieving Scholarship Goals with Interdisciplinary Case Studies” in the New England Faculty Development Consortium’s publication The Exchange. The article discusses the benefits of working with a colleague to achieve scholarly writing goals while also complementing classroom pedagogy. With an emphasis on interdisciplinary work, the authors share their experience of creating a case study on eating disorders for classroom use. For faculty who may be interested in doing similar work, steps for getting started on writing an interdisciplinary case are also included in the article. The full article may be viewed at

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