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Career Path: Social Work


Anna Maria College has expanded its degree opportunities for students pursuing careers in the social services sector. The college’s new Master of Social Work (MSW) program is uniquely designed so students take classes while doing concurrent fieldwork. This gives participants the chance to apply what they learn in the classroom to real world experience, allowing for a more well-rounded education and advantages when it comes to job placement.  

Anna Maria College alumni with social work degrees can be found working in a variety of employment settings around the region, including social services agencies, hospitals and treatment centers, nursing homes, prisons and correctional facilities, elementary and secondary schools, nonprofit organizations, as well as in local, state, and federal government.

The graduate program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education and is now accepting applications for the 2017 fall semester. Students will have the opportunity to participate in a full or part-time program that will run on week nights and weekends. For more information on the Masters in Social Work program visit

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Career Path: Health & Community Service


Today’s health care system is enormously complex. Not only are there constant advances in research and treatment, but there are also more and more non-clinical decision points for patients and their families. Effectively navigating health plans and community programs can be cumbersome. Anna Maria College offers both clinical and non-clinical degree programs because career options in the health field are more expansive than ever.

Anna Maria offers a Bachelor of Science in Health and Community Service for those looking for non-clinical careers in health care. Graduates from the Health and Community Service program will be able to work as an important member of a healthcare team to guide patients through a variety of complex systems such as health plans, hospitals and ambulatory care organizations, health and human services, public health programs, and medical practice offices. This major can also be used as a stepping stone to similar majors such as nursing, health and human services, and social sciences.

Students looking to pursue clinical careers choose our four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Two program tracks for nursing are offered at Anna Maria College and consist of a traditional four year Bachelor of Science in Nursing for entry-level students and the online RN to BSN completion program for Registered Nurses. The overall goal of the nursing program is to provide high quality education that prepares students to practice safe and compassionate professional nursing care as beginning practitioners. Our inaugural class of nursing graduates saw 93 percent passing the state licensure exam on the first attempt, exceeding state and national averages. 

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Sexual Assault Awareness Month


Nationwide, the month of April is dedicated to raising awareness around sexual assault and the social injustice that surrounds it. At Anna Maria College, we view the issue so important that we created a certificate track within the Master of Science in Criminal Justice program focused on Sexual Violence and Trauma.

The coursework covers a variety of topics including species of criminality such as public order crimes, group violence, sexually-motivated crimes, criminal subcultures and “rape culture,” re-victimization, institutional victimization, human trafficking, pornography, sexual abuse against children, role of sexual violence in terrorism/war, the lives of immigrants and refugee, the mentally ill and intellectually disabled/challenged, and other protected class, minority, and disenfranchised members of society. This certificate combines courses and theories from other tracks within the Master’s program including criminal justice, victim studies, and psychology.

Tonisha Pinckney, director of the Master of Science in Criminal Justice program, says that graduates of the program go into careers as therapists, clinicians, police officers, victim advocates, court appointed advocates, legal professionals, rehabilitation facilities, nurses and more. “Collaborations and partnerships have allowed the programs to provide education and leadership beyond the traditional classroom walls,” said Pinckney. Following the school’s mission statement, Anna Maria College educates criminal justice professionals who are committed to professionalism and excellence and are aware of their responsibility to the community.  

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Career Path: Industrial/Organizational Psychology


In a competitive global marketplace filled with rapid change, it is essential that organizations effectively manage their teams’ performance and execution. To do this, they are increasingly turning to professionals with Industrial/Organizational Psychology (I/O Psychology) expertise. Anna Maria College’s Master of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (I/O Psychology) was created for those interested in studying the science behind human behavior and psychological theories seen in the workplace. This program combines the fields of counseling psychology and business to allow students to look deeper into company dynamics, decisions, and how they attract – and retain – employees. The Master of Science in I/O Psychology was created to provide practitioners with a broad range of skills that are in high demand by businesses and industries today. The program prepares students for careers including:

  • Organizational Development Consultant
  • Mid-Market Organizational Consultant
  • Senior Analyst, People Analytics, and Engagement
  • Director of Learning and Development
  • Marketing Academy Program Manager
  • Talent Management

Jobs in this field are ranked #1 among the top 20 fastest growing career options and are expected to grow by 53 percent between 2012 and 2022. According to Program Director Lisa Carpino, “"We keep a close eye on emerging business trends and adapt our program offerings accordingly. The program is designed to develop compassionate, effective business leaders, and will place its graduates at the leading edge of a field that is changing the way we respond to modern business needs.” Understanding how people work best together creates not only a more efficient and effective work place but also increases job satisfaction and productivity.

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DC-TEMS Certificate Program


Earlier in February, Anna Maria College collaborated with the Disaster Medicine Institute to host a Disaster and Counter-Terrorism Emergency Medical Service (DC-TEMS) Certificate Program. The highly-successful eight week program aims to strengthen organizational, local, regional and national capacity to mitigate against, prepare for and respond to disasters and complex emergencies, as well as asymmetric, multimodality terrorist events.

“It is an honor to host the disaster and counter-terrorism emergency medical services program alongside the Disaster Medical Institute” said Dr. Judith Kenary, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs. “This program helps further the mission of Anna Maria College by encouraging individuals to develop a sense of responsibility to society and the world.

Founded on over 50 years of experience in Disaster Medicine and Emergency Management by global leaders in the field, the Disaster Medicine Institute (DMI) is the turnkey solution to all emergency planning needs. Our world-renowned experts help organizations prepare for the worst, with experience-based system planning and personalized education. Along with Disaster Medicine and Emergency Management, DMI also focuses on Counter-Terrorism Medicine. “Counter-Terrorism Medicine”, is a new area of study and practice established by our experts, and mandated by the increasingly complex and devastating terrorist attacks seen recently around the world.

According to Dr. Greg Ciottone, the course director, “In the Emergency Management field it is important to be proactive rather than reactive. With this program participants learn the necessary steps to take should a disaster or terrorist attack occur.”

Participants that fully complete the program will receive a Certificate of Completion and uniform DC-TEMS patch.

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