Anna Maria College announces that Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis, a 1990 graduate of the College’s Criminal Justice Program, will
participate in its Fall Symposium: The Boston Marathon Attack: A Study in Partnerships scheduled for Thursday, October 3, 2013 at 1:30 p.m. at the AMC Paxton Campus.  Commissioner Davis will be joined by other law enforcement professionals including Major Dermot Quinn, MSP Fusion Center, Donald Kennedy, Director of the New England State Police Information Network (NESPIN) and Worcester County District Attorney Joseph D. Early, Jr.  AMC associate professor Patricia W. Gavin and assistant professor Ann Marie Mires, Ph.D., will also be participating in the Symposium which is being held to continue the important dialogue concerning information sharing and using partnerships as learned from the April 15th attack on the Boston Marathon.
“We are extremely honored that Commissioner Davis has agreed to return to his alma mater for this very important and timely event,” states Jack P. Calareso, Ph.D., President of Anna Maria College.  “As an institution nationally recognized for its criminal justice program, the College is the perfect venue to bring law enforcement professionals together to continue the dialogue on information sharing and building partnerships.  We share the community’s concern for the Boston Marathon tragedy and applaud the efforts of so many who helped the victims and aided the investigation,” he continues.  “Now we will have a chance to learn from this event.  That’s what we should do at AMC.”
“Clearly information sharing and communication among local, state and federal agencies was the driving force in our ability to solve this case in a matter of days,” comments Boston Police Commissioner, Ed Davis. “Working together we continue to demonstrate the power of partnerships.”
The Symposium has limited seating available.  To reserve space, please contact