ID Kit  

Molly Bish Life 'Guard' Safety Kit

The core of the Molly Bish Life 'Guard' Safety Kit Program is to provide free IDs to the community. The ID program was established by John & Magi Bish to promote safety for all children. Since its inception, staff and volunteers have fingerprinted, photographed, and prepared over 165,000 ID booklets at thousands of events.

Identification Booklet

One of the most important tools for law enforcement to use in the recovery of a missing child is an up-to-date, good quality photo along with descriptive information. A Child ID Booklet allows parents to save valuable time by storing pictures, fingerprints and other data in one easily accessible location. We recommend child identifications include a head-and-shoulder photo of the child, a complete set of finger prints and a quality physical description used to help identify a child. The Molly Bish Identification book is a brightly colored, passport sized, booklet that is easily identified and accessed. It is small enough to carry in a purse, pocket or in the glove box of your vehicle. Child Identifications should be maintained in a quickly accessible, secure space by the parents or guardian. We recommend parents keep the ID with them as they do their own ID, and take it along when shopping, on outings, vacations, etc. You never know when you may become separated from your child.

The Importance of Having a Good Photograph of Your Child

One of the most important tools for law enforcement to use in the case of a missing child is an up-to-date, good-quality photograph. Photograph's are an important tool used in an Amber Alert. The photograph should be a recent color, head-and-shoulders shot of the child in which the face is clearly seen. It should be of "school-portrait" quality and the back ground plain or solid so it does not distract from the subject. The photograph should represent the child's true features and not overly "glamorized."

The photograph should not be taken outside nor have other people, animals, or objects in the shot. The photograph should not be out of focus, torn, damaged or smaller than 4X6. The photograph should be updated at least every six months for children of age 6 or younger and then once a year, or when a child's appearance changes.

Finger Prints

At our ID Programs, we provide trained finger printers or community police officers to take the finger prints. Finger prints are included in the book as a forensic investigation tool.

Child's Information

It is important to have your child's personal information included with the photo and finger prints. A good physical description including identifying features should be maintained. A page is included for recording this.

To Request an Identification Program

The Molly Bish Center provides free identifications at locally scheduled Community Identification Programs. Please contact (508) 849-3256 for more information or to scheduling an event. Please be aware that our staff is limited and we need far advance notice for larger programs.