What About Me?

Heather Bish and John Bish are the sister and brother of Molly Bish. In working with the United Stated Office of Justice Department, John and Heather collaborated with the creation of the book and film "What About Me?" This work was written and filmed with siblings of four high profile missing and abducted Children.This book gave a much needed look into the lives of siblings of abducted children.  The impact on how siblings cope and deal with the many struggles of: Home, Family, Law Enforcement, the media, School, Work, Holidays and Anniversaries, If and when a sibling comes home, Creating a new normal, Messages of hope and advice to help other siblings. This book was created as a tool and has been given to law and Social agencies across America along with schools and libraries.

Heather is a presenter and advocate for siblings.  She has presented for US Department of Justice, CART Programs, FBI Seminars, Radkids, and has spoken at Anna Maria College and Mount Wachusett Community College. She serves as a consultant to the Molly Bish Center for Children and Elderly. She is currently working on her Doctorate of Leadership and Curriculum at Northeastern University in Boston. John and Heather also assist in the continuation of the Molly Bish Foundation.

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