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Esther's Dream Summer Program 2014
Anna Maria College is proud to present the Fourth Annual Esther’s Dream Bridge Program for incoming freshmen. The week-long, residential program is a uniquely designed summer program that helps prepare students for the challenges of college-level course work through exceptional academic preparation, enriched learning experiences, and engaging co-curricular activities. Past participants have indicated that after taking part in the Esther’s Dream Program they felt better prepared for the start of their college career, both socially and academically. They were also quick to add that they made new friends and connections with the entire campus community.
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Esther’s Dream’s primary focus is academic rigor and preparation for the independence of college. After three years of the program, over 90% of the student participants have achieved first semester college grades higher than their high school grades. Currently, for the freshmen, sophomore and junior classes, the average GPA for Esther’s Dream participants is higher than the average GPA of students who did not participate in this program. In short, it works!photo

This December, students who participated in the Summer 2013 program were asked to reflect on the impact their experience had on their first semester. Here’s a sample of what they had to say:
“The one thing that I struggled with before going to college was my writing and Esther’s Dream helped me understand exactly what this school was looking for. I have a good grade in English now!“
“I found my confidence and my drive to do what I love during that week and I thank everyone that helped make it amazing.”
“Esther’s dream showed me that I can overcome any obstacle and that I am never truly alone. I recommend that every incoming freshman attends Esther’s Dream.”
Esther’s Dream Bridge Program is open to all students, and there is absolutely no charge for attendance with housing and meals included. The program also offers parents the opportunity to spend a Friday morning at Anna Maria to experience a Parent’s Orientation program. In addition, students who attend Summer Bridge will be able to meet with an academic advisor and complete their class schedule for fall semester, so there will be no need to attend one of the Summer Orientation and Registration (SOAR) programs.
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(2013 Esther's Dream participants with members of the Sisters of St. Anne at the Feast of St. Anne Celebration. 
Esther's Dream Summer Bridge is made possible by the generous support of the Sisters of St. Anne.)
Please contact Dennis Vanasse at or (508) 849-3372 to learn more.