Grad & Continuing Education Registration


To register please click here to fill out the registration form.  Please note that you will receive a confirmation from the Registrar's Office with your schedule.  Please note that payment for your class(es) is not due until a week before the session begins.
Please refer to the course listings below for Course Number and Course Title needed for Registration:
For full course descriptions please refer to the course catalog.
Students must officially register for a course to receive a grade or credit for that specific course. Attending class does not constitute an official registration. Students cannot register for classes that have met 2 or more times.  The College reserves the right to modify semester course offerings and cancel under-enrolled courses or programs.

Enrollment Certification 

To confirm your enrollment for a semester, please click here to have an enrollment certification letter sent to you.

Press Releases for Accomplishments


We want to share your accomplishments with your neighborhood.  Please fill out the form here.

Cross-Registration at Consortium Schools


Cross-Registration allows a student to take one day class at one of the member colleges during the fall and spring semesters.  To be eligible to cross register through the Consortium a student must be enrolled as a full time student, minimum 12 credits.  The student will pay AMC's full time tuition rate.  If all conditions are met,  there is a consortium registration form that is used.  These forms are available in the Registrar’s Office.  Courses taken through the Consortium exchange are treated as a AMC courses which impacts the GPA. 

Further information and a master course list are posted on the Consortium Web site.