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Danielle M. Pilotte

Student Government Association, Secretary
Major: Music Therapy
Hometown: Manchester, NH


Thoughts on Leadership
When I think of a leader I think of the words support, supervisor, communication, role model and responsibility. As a leader these qualities are very important. I have always been someone who likes to be a leader. When in a leadership position, I thrive on the busy work and enjoy working with others. In high school, I was captain of my cheerleading team and I had to be a good example for the rest of the squad.  As a leader, I had to make sure I communicated with the team and was a good role model, supporter and supervisor. I was the person who everyone would go to if they had a problem or question.

I decided to run for the Student Government Secretary position because I wanted to be more involved at Anna Maria. I wanted to be a role model for the College, get to know faculty on a closer level, and be an advocate for the student body. As a part of the SGA Executive Board, the entire student body knows who you are and expects a lot out of you. While that’s a lot of pressure, I want students to have the best college experience they can so I continue to work hard to be the best leader I can be.

At AMC there are many opportunities to be involved as a leader. As a freshman, I was on the Music Therapy Club board and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.  Being in a leadership position also can be a lot of fun. You get to work with different people and have a say in what happens on campus. Leaders are people who are there to help and provide support when needed. As the SGA Secretary and as a leader I encourage the student body to be leaders and create their own future.

Eric M. Boll ‘14

Student Government Association, President
Major: Business Administration and Legal Studies
Hometown: Millbury, MA

Thoughts on Leadership

Leadership has as many definitions as the individuals who define it. Everyone develops their own image of a leader from early on in life. Through the years, this image may change based on life lessons and personal experiences.

To me, leaders must be willing to listen and learn. They must hear what their constituents have to say and be able to put aside their own priorities for those of greater concern. To effectively lead, one must also be able to take the criticism and learn from it to move forward.  

To learn as a leader means to look to the past and realize what has worked and what needs to change. As the late John F. Kennedy was reported to have written, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”  Leadership is also about taking what you learned and applying it to better the future. Another important characteristic of leadership is inspiration. A leader should not only do good for his/her people, but s/he needs to inspire others to do the same.  

Anna Maria College helps to foster leadership in numerous ways. With many leadership opportunities on campus students can gain valuable, hands-on experience. Whether it’s on a class board or as part of a Student Government Association club, there are over 130 executive board positions available each year. There is the opportunity to create clubs as well. Anna Maria College has also added a new leadership minor. In the classroom, students can study the tools that have been used by great leaders of the past and present. Through these opportunities, Anna Maria College students have the ability to take on the future with one goal in mind: excellence.


Student Spotlight

Leading the Way

Jake Kardash ‘13

Student Government Association, Vice President of Business Affairs

Major: Fire-based EMS Management

Hometown: Stillwater, N.Y.

In this world, we often misunderstand what leadership is. Leadership is something that cannot be taught. It cannot be taught in a classroom, on the football field, or in your favorite campus organization. A leader has a certain aura. You know when one walks through the door. The utter presence of this person can change the environment of the room.

Leadership often goes hand in hand with education, experience, and responsibility. A good leader must be well-rounded and perform under the “fight or flight” response, rise to the challenge, and sometimes stand aside if need be. When in a leadership role, an individual must know when to fight for the good of his/her followers and also know when to retreat. Leadership is not a selfish quality.

Anna Maria College offers endless opportunities for leadership growth. With a student to faculty ratio of 14:1, AMC students are given exceptional opportunities to excel in the classroom. The College also offers seventeen Division III athletic teams, numerous clubs and organizations, and hundreds of job opportunities so students have many diverse avenues to hone their leadership skills. In addition, AMC exposes students to many different views and provides students with a broad core of classes to better inform their worldview.

As a self-designed major, combining Paramedicine and Fire Science, Anna Maria College has presented me with life changing experiences. I was selected to join the Paxton Fire Department as a paid-on-call firefighter, completed a 240-hour internship with Spencer E.M.S. as an E.M.T., and traveled to Simplex Grinnell, FM Global, Globe and Tyco Research and Development. Anna Maria College has provided me with the academic and practical opportunities to thrive and become a leader of tomorrow. 



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Stephanie L. Nichols ‘13


Student Government Association, Vice President of Student Affairs 2012
Major: Prelaw, Criminal Justice with a Paralegal certificate
Hometown: Southington, CT

Thoughts on Leadership

Leadership is about being the best you can be and helping to bring out the best in others.  It is about engaging others and coming together to help improve the community.  Leadership is knowing when to bend and compromise without sacrificing your personal morals and convictions.  It is about breaking boundaries and trying to make sure everyone has a voice. Leadership is never giving up even when the circumstances are tough. 

I came to Anna Maria College shy and unsure.  In my family I was considered the academic one, so when I arrived at AMC I spent a lot of time making sure my papers were perfect and my readings were practically memorized. I would go from class to the library and from the library to my room.  Although I observed what was going on, I never got involved or voiced my opinion.  

Eventually some upperclassmen encouraged me to attend a few events and I quickly learned that these students planned, booked, staffed, publicized, and even dealt with the finances for these activities.  I witnessed students taking their passions and sharing them with others. I quickly became involved and began to understand that at Anna Maria, students are a part of the leadership of the College.

After being elected to the Student Government Executive Board, I was excited to be able to serve the student body and to question things on campus.  Being able to work through issues has helped me to learn that leaders must know how to listen and work with others.  I know that I will carry the lessons I have learned at Anna Maria College with me throughout my life.  After  walking across the stage at Commencement on May 18th  prior to entering the real world, I was able to confidently  say that I am ready to take it on.  Anna Maria College has made me the leader, as well as, the person I am today.