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Every semester students transfer to AMC from colleges all across the country. As such, transfer students are an integral part of the vibrant AMC community. However, transfer students come to us with their own unique set of needs as they navigate the enrollment process and transition to their new surroundings. As such, we have a day dedicated just for transfer students and their families.

Transfer SOAR days are one-day orientation sessions designed to assist transfer students in their transition to the Anna Maria College community. Informational sessions cover topics such as:

  • Academic Expectations
  • Campus Support Services
  • Financial Planning
  • Public Safety

In addition, students will complete such necessary enrollment steps as:

  • Accuplacer testing (if necessary)
  • Student ID photos
  • Virtual Campus Introduction
  • Transfer Credit Review and Course Schedule Adjustments

The review of transfer student transcripts is completed by the Registrar’s Office throughout the spring and summer. The Office of Academic Advising in conjunction with faculty members from each of our schools connects with transfer students individually throughout the summer to confirm information and discuss/confirm appropriate course scheduling. The transfer SOAR date provides an opportunity for transfer students to make final adjustments to their course schedule and get a jumpstart on the semester!

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Summer 2014 Transfer SOAR date

August 21th

Schedule of Events - Coming Soon


Transfer Student Checklist

For questions or concerns, please contact:
Adam Duggan
Director of Advising and First-Year Experience
(508) 849-3430
Lisa Saverese
Director of Student Activities
(508) 849-3312

Student Orientation And Registration

SOAR days are one-day orientation sessions designed to introduce students to the Anna Maria College community. Both students and family members attend sessions designed specifically for their needs to discuss important information regarding successful enrollment and student transition to the college. Informational sessions cover topics such as:

IMG 0853Academic ExpectationsIMG 0892
Campus Support Services
Financial Planning
Public Safety
Supporting a college student in transition
In addition, students will complete such necessary enrollment steps as:
Accuplacer testing
Student ID photos
Virtual Campus Introduction
Course Scheduling

The AMC orientation team will be available all summer to assist our new students and their families in all matters associated with successful transition to the AMC community. We look forward to seeing you this summer!DSCN0780

Soar Button2 copySummer 2014 SOAR dates

June 27th

August 15th

Schedule of Events - Coming Soon...

*All students are required to attend either one SOAR date or one week of the Esther’s Dream Summer Bridge program*


For questions or concerns, please contact:
Adam Duggan
Director of Advising and First-Year Experience
(508) 849-3430
Lisa Saverese
Director of Student Activities
(508) 849-3312
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 Welcome all New Students!

We excitedly await your arrival this summer. To assist in your transition to Anna Maria we are offering a few different options for your orientation. For freshmen, you can choose either a one day SOAR (Student Orientation and Registration) program where you will register for classes, meet new

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classmates and participate in a variety of activities; or, you can register for one of our three, week-long Esther’s Dream programs. Click on any of the links below to learn more


about the programs offered. For transfers, a one half day SOAR program is offered for you to register for classes. An enthusiastic and welcoming staff awaits you at the program you choose.

And, of course, family and guests are welcome to attend whichever program you choose. Special sessions are offered that will provide valuable information. During SOAR, there will be special programming for parents that will address a variety of topics related to their sons’ and daughters’ transition to college. A similar session will be offered on the Friday morning of each Esther’s Dream program.

Please let us know how we can assist you throughout this process and we look forward to seeing you thisKelly and Amcat summer!

*students choose to attend either one SOAR date or one week of Esther’s Dream*

Click below for information on each program:

SOAR (Student Orientation And Registration)

Esther’s Dream (week long summer program)

Transfer Students

Fall Move-In and August Orientation

Accuplacer Placement Testing
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I have questions about Student Orientation, who should I contact?
Adam Duggan, Director of Academic Advising & First Year Experience, or (508) 849-3424. OR (508) 849-3430

Lisa Saverese, Director of Student Activities, or (508) 849-3312.

I have questions on Fall housing, who should I contact?
Michelle Chapman, Director of Residence Life, or (508) 849-3271. You can also visit the Residence Life page.

I have questions on Financial Aid, who should I contact?
Sandra Pereira, Director of Financial Aid, or (508) 849-3363. You can also visit the Financial Aid page.

I have questions on Student Billing, who should I contact?
Jessica Sabourin, Manager of Student Accounts, or (508) 849-3222. You can also visit the Student Accounts page.

Accuplacer TestingIMG 0984
Anna Maria College administers the sentence skills and essay portions of the accuplacer placement test to all incoming first-year students. Transfer students with no record of English courses on their official college transcripts may also be required to complete accuplacer testing. The accuplacer test is administered electronically at all orientation programs offered by the college. Students may also schedule times outside of orientation programming to visit campus and complete this enrollment requirement.
The essay portion of the accuplacer is timed while the sentence skills portion of the exam is completed untimed at the pace of the individual student. All accuplacer testing is completed in computer labs on campus and proctored by trained college staff. The accuplacer is not a pass/fail exam, rather a tool used by the college to place our incoming students in the appropriate freshman composition course during their first semester, ensuring our students build the foundational reading, writing, and research skills necessary for their success.
*Both placement levels of our first semester English courses
meet general education requirements at Anna Maria College*
Please visit the college board website for more information about the accuplacer including sample questions.
Students seeking information about placement testing accommodations should indicate that interest on their orientation registration form and a member of our disability support staff will contact them to further discuss their options.
For more information regarding placement testing please contact:
Adam Duggan
Director of Academic Advising and First-Year Experience
(508) 849-3424
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Esther's Dream Summer Program 2014
Anna Maria College is proud to present the Fourth Annual Esther’s Dream Bridge Program for incoming freshmen. The week-long, residential program is a uniquely designed summer program that helps prepare students for the challenges of college-level course work through exceptional academic preparation, enriched learning experiences, and engaging co-curricular activities. Past participants have indicated that after taking part in the Esther’s Dream Program they felt better prepared for the start of their college career, both socially and academically. They were also quick to add that they made new friends and connections with the entire campus community.
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Esther’s Dream’s primary focus is academic rigor and preparation for the independence of college. After three years of the program, over 90% of the student participants have achieved first semester college grades higher than their high school grades. Currently, for the freshmen, sophomore and junior classes, the average GPA for Esther’s Dream participants is higher than the average GPA of students who did not participate in this program. In short, it works!photo

This December, students who participated in the Summer 2013 program were asked to reflect on the impact their experience had on their first semester. Here’s a sample of what they had to say:
“The one thing that I struggled with before going to college was my writing and Esther’s Dream helped me understand exactly what this school was looking for. I have a good grade in English now!“
“I found my confidence and my drive to do what I love during that week and I thank everyone that helped make it amazing.”
“Esther’s dream showed me that I can overcome any obstacle and that I am never truly alone. I recommend that every incoming freshman attends Esther’s Dream.”
Esther’s Dream Bridge Program is open to all students, and there is absolutely no charge for attendance with housing and meals included. The program also offers parents the opportunity to spend a Friday morning at Anna Maria to experience a Parent’s Orientation program. In addition, students who attend Summer Bridge will be able to meet with an academic advisor and complete their class schedule for fall semester, so there will be no need to attend one of the Summer Orientation and Registration (SOAR) programs.
SSA and students ED1 2013
(2013 Esther's Dream participants with members of the Sisters of St. Anne at the Feast of St. Anne Celebration. 
Esther's Dream Summer Bridge is made possible by the generous support of the Sisters of St. Anne.)
Please contact Dennis Vanasse at or (508) 849-3372 to learn more.