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The teacher preparation programs at Anna Maria College aim to develop the student as a deeply committed, knowledgeable and reflective practitioner. The programs are built on the idea that K–12 students are unique individuals, who are joined together as different members of a learning community. As learning community members, there is a responsibility to respect, support, and learn from each other. Both the individual and social dimensions of learning are stressed. AMC students are asked to consider how to help K–12 students grow in both their individual capabilities as learners and in their capabilities as responsible and cooperative co-learners.

The goal of the School of Education is to cultivate educators who support colleagues, maintain a high level of competence and integrity in their teaching practices, use feedback to improve their performance, embrace the diversity of their students and ultimately serve as positive adult role models in their school community.

The School’s objectives include developing education professionals who are effective planners of learning; competent and versatile educators; masters at integrating teaching, learning and assessment; and reflective practitioners. 


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Early Education + Care    //    Early Childhood (PreK-2)    

Elementary Education (1-6)    //    Music Education (PreK-12)

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Joanne McDonnell   
Joanne McDonnell
Director of Education Programs and
Assistant Professor of Education
(508) 849-3416