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The Italy trip was once again led by Theology Assistant Professor Michael Lombardo, Ph.D. A group of students spent a total of three weeks in Rome. Like trips of years past, the experience was life-changing for most and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

As part of the trip, students were able to take a class to fulfill a general education requirement for Catholic Social Teachings, while Honors Program students applied the trip to their cultural immersion requirement.

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A scholarly appreciation for the people and culture throughout history

In keeping with the definition provided by the National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities Act, the disciplines of the humanities provide different methods and perspectives to studying people: past and present (history, American Studies);  people in other places (history, world languages, literature);  how we see ourselves and others (philosophy, literature, history); how we express ourselves (literature, philosophy, media-communications); and how we relate to our spirituality (theology). 

Courses in the School of Humanities expose students to the humanities as traditionally conceived, with courses concentrating in history, religion, literature and languages. These are blended with teaching through a more modern prism, with courses highlighting media and communication and diversity of global cultures, among other contemporary subjects.  

Guiding the curriculum are the goals to understand global cultures as they are expressed in art, music, literature, history, religion, language and philosophy; to gain a deeper knowledge of an area of concentration in the humanities; and to recognize how to access, employ and analyze critical information available in libraries, archives, and databases.

As a result, graduates will learn to more effective communicate through writing and speaking; exercise their imagination through creative or interpretative endeavors; gain an appreciation for the world beyond their own community; apply ethics to decision making; a greater sensitivity to the spiritual aspects of the human experience. 


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