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Ninety-three percent of Anna Maria College’s inaugural class of four-year nursing students passed their licensure exams on their first attempt, exceeding the results of state and national averages.

Fire Science Students Test
New Firefighting Technology

Wednesday, October 28

Despite the weather, a crowd of students, faculty, staff and first responders from area communities presented a live fire science demonstration to evaluate a new fire extinguishing product and its real-life applications.

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School of Fire Science Live Burn

The curriculum of the School of Fire and Health Sciences serves the needs of students who are preparing for variety of careers in science, health, technology, and emergency services. The values-based, service-focused courses help students anticipate increasingly rapid developments in science and technology they will encounter in their future careers.  Faculty, who themselves are experts in their disciplines, deliver a balanced program of relevant studies in their major and related fields.

Courses build a strong foundation in the key sciences and integrate learning in the classroom with direct experience in the laboratories and in the field. Our contemporary courses help the student appreciate applications of science and technology in a social context. Students further develop their proficiencies and practical skills through internships and directed studies in their areas of interest. 


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