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Molly Bish Center Director and Forensic Criminology Professor Ann Marie Mires instructs her Forensic Archeology students as they lay out a grid in order to map a mock search site for an exercise using the latest radar technology to detect underground anomalies.

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Just and Ethical Practice Theory Taught in the Classroom, Applied in the Field

In the classroom, School of Justice and Social Sciences professors emphasize the student’s understanding of the dignity of human life, the importance of developing the compassion to free people from poverty and ignorance, and the need to cultivate the awareness of just and ethical practice. There is a strong emphasis on an interdisciplinary approach among disciplines within the School. In addition, each School of Justice and Social Sciences degree program incorporates theory, research and clinical/educational techniques to create well-rounded professionals. Upon graduation, Anna Maria College alumni receive support and guidance from their academic advisors/mentors for job placement.

All School of Justice and Social Sciences students begin their freshman year with a strong, broad-based liberal arts core curriculum grounded in the principles of the Catholic tradition. After the sophomore year, students choose a major and begin an in-depth study of their profession in conjunction with the core curriculum. In the junior and senior years, advanced coursework is designed to run concurrently with community field placements so that students have the opportunity to observe and work alongside professionals in the community.

Field experiences are integral to the various programs, and each student’s placement in the community is chosen to reflect his or her interest and to provide a comprehensive, hands-on, team approach to learning. The College’s programs are built on solid relationships with public and private schools, business and trade associations, private research firms, the criminal justice system, various government agencies, hospitals, and community treatment centers for children, adults, and the elderly in Central Massachusetts. 


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Criminal Justice    //    Forensic Criminology    //    Human Development + Human Services

Law and Society    //    Psychology    //    Social Work


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